Self-induced Failures

Since nearly all the big snowbanks are melted, along with that which was piled up at our curbsides, I figured it time to get my broom out and sweep off the front sidewalks of my office before the wind started picking up.  I couldn’t believe how much sand and dirt I swept over the curb.  Really not liking all the sand that gets tracked into my office, I even made sure to sweep some off of the street.  The sidewalk out front now looks nearly back to normal without me having to wait for a heavy spring rain to wash it off.

It amazes me how some of our “regulars” that walk up and down our Downtown sidewalks, enjoy engaging me in conversation whenever I’m out front.  Today’s gentleman that stopped, nearly never even glances my way, but must’ve decided today to be his time to share his thoughts with me.  He started off by saying how beautiful my building is.  I corrected him by saying, “Yes, the inside is charming, but I have the exterior to get finished.”  Since he’s walking around all hours, he’s likely been past it after dark when one can clearly see its interior.

He went on to tell fractured histories of several buildings nearby which weren’t even close to being the truth.  He likely heard exaggerated stories from others, and afterwards considered them gospel truths.  I didn’t argue with him even though I knew better, because several years ago, I surmised he’s burdened with some mental issues. When he started sharing his “brain scan” stories with me this morning, I figured it was time to change the subject and gracefully bow out of our chat and get back to my sweepings.

One big mistake I made with him during our conversation, was correcting him after saying, “Your going to see the German franc growing in value this year.”  My knee jerk reaction was, “You must mean the French franc, but of course, France doesn’t use the franc any longer because they’re part of the European Union whose currency is now the euro.”  Oops!  I was quickly corrected by him, after which I begrudgingly grunted an acknowledgment of my error. When is yours truly ever going to learn?

The extent of the remaining hours of my day were spent making follow-up phone calls, setting future appointments, and meeting with clients.  I didn’t think I was that busy until I looked at the clock and found it already after hours.  Not so sure about the rest of you, but my week thus far has been quite interesting due to quirky little happenings since Sunday morning arrived.

One very sad story I heard today was from a gentleman, who out of the goodness of his heart, rented a home he owns to a supposed friend. After hearing the amount of rent his so-called friend hasn’t paid, and the damage he’s done both inside and out, I shook my head and said, “What he’s doing to you is just another example of there being no good deed going unpunished.”  I shook my finger at him while telling him to get rid of him and his girlfriend before his “friend” ends up pulling him down a very dark financial rat hole.

I could sense what his little “buddy” has done to him is now having a deep psychological effect, which makes me all the more internally angry with all those free-loaders in our world who think they deserve free rides.  And to think, they believe themselves the victims of others, while in fact, their own self-induced failures have brought them to their own stations in life.  So, how does that make any sense to all of you?

Tonight’s one-liner is:  It’s crucial to have an active fantasy life.

Joe Chodur

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