Must be Abolished

I was delighted to find it 40 degrees outside early this morning, and figured it would get really warm once the cloud cover cleared, but didn’t seem to be the case. At least it stayed above freezing which was a great plus.

One of my early appointments was to deliver some pictures to a seller who forgot to take them while moving out of her house we closed on several weeks ago.  The selling Realtor delivered them to me yesterday, so off I went this morning to return them to her.   It wasn’t a chore for me at all because I absolutely love her little visits.  She’s the greatest of “storytellers” I spoke of in the past.  There’s no question her grandchildren enjoy listening to her delightful stories of days and ways of other times and places.  She remembered later that she’d forgotten those pictures, and was hoping the new buyers would be kind enough to return them.  I’m glad there are still some good people in our midst who still think of others instead of themselves.

Another appointment I had today was to go and get photos taken of our office’s new listing located at 1137 Manor Drive.  Since the sellers are still living there, I had to work around their schedule.  Thank goodness the seller was still home and eager to help with moving a few things out of my camera’s viewer while taking the photos of their home’s interior.

After getting all my necessary shots, I spent a few minutes visiting with him about his big move out of State. Sounds like he’s excited to be entering a new chapter in his life.  From what I’ve heard of his family, they’ll be greatly missed in our community.  Before leaving, I forgot to tell him that once he gets settled, to send a couple back to Mason City to fill the void they’ve created in our community.  Whenever I sell a home to exceptionally nice buyers from out of State, I usually say something like, “Be sure to send for friends and relatives because we need all the more good people like you living in Mason City.”  As many of us know, like attracts like.

Just another update on my deer observations in our City.  I happened to be at a home in the heart of Mason City, and while walking up to its front door, I looked down, and to my dis-belief,  I found about five clumps of tulips that had sprouted about four inches or so.   Wouldn’t you know it, those vile deer must’ve eaten all but a leaf or two of them all the way down to the ground.  Urgh!  We can’t even have Spring flowers growing with those mutated Chernobyl, man-sized rabbits living in our midst.  After mentioning it to a well know today, she said, “The City and/or DNR  must start issuing no bag limit permits to any and all qualified deer hunters in our area.”   A hard-coded ordinance must be passed,  and reading something like: “If there are deer found in our City limits, they’ll be considered an invasive species and only referred as being open game vermin without exception.”

Since there’s going be a busy day for me tomorrow, I decided to take a trip up to Worth County to attend a late afternoon church service.  It’s been some time since I was there, so I figured I’d make the trip.  I was in great dis-belief how brown all the ditches and fields are to where it looks more like late Fall instead of late Spring in North Iowa.

I’m not sure what was going on with that church’s musicians and readers, because there we a number of mistakes being made to the point where whole sections of a hymn being skipped over, and words from readings being either left out or mis-pronounced.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to a religious service where there were that many mistakes being made by so many.  Perhaps the bulk of their congregants didn’t even notice because most don’t follow readings from their books, but instead just listen.

I’m in hopes you’re finding my updated website all the more to your liking.  Do have yourselves a delightful evening and a pleasant day tomorrow.

Considering recent happenings, I personally find tonight’s on-liner to be most appropriate which is:  Inheritance must be abolished.

Joe Chodur

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