Bracing for another Dumping

I’m sure everyone wasn’t a bit happy about waking up to this morning’s 18 degree temperature.  This abnormal weather we’ve been having has come to the point of being laughable.  I guess when something gets as bad as this, you either start crying or laughing. Wouldn’t we all prefer to get a few giggles out of it before it’s finally over?

One of my appointments was with a young gentleman to finish up with his lease on a property I helped one of my dear clients get rented.   After meeting with him again this morning, I’m all the more confident he’ll be just fine when it comes to taking care of the property and paying his rent on time.  I’m noticing all the more polarizing with certain districts in our City where there are all the more prospective tenants who refuse to live in those areas.

I’ve found it to be an unfortunate evolution that’s been slowly taking place over these last 25 years.  But you know, we as a City allowed it to happen due to our own “not in my backyard” mentalities.  It all goes back to the real lack of bi-partisan community mindedness.  Yes, there are a number of our young who really want to make a difference, but they’re handicapped by the immensity of the problem,  as well as the amount of money and re-educating it’s going to take to get the texture of our City’s blighted districts back to acceptable levels.

I just happened to get this week’s edition of “The Economist” in the mail today, and on the front cover, and noticed their feature article being named something like,  “Germany nice”.  I paged to their feature section and skimmed through it before my appointment arrived.  It looks like Germany is coming all the more into its own within the European Union.  From what little I read, it sounds like they’ve really got their act together.  I’ve always known Deutschland to be the financial powerhouse of Europe, but I didn’t realize how much their socio-economic arenas have grown and expanded.  I had to laugh to myself about how they spoke of the German mentality when speaking of it being a country of people who pride themselves in the near absolute perfect quality of their work, along with how they seem to always think things thru before moving forward with any significant changes.  When I have time, I’ll be sure to read the article in its entirety.

In hopefully a day or two, my listing at 801 W. Main in Fertile will be back on the open market.  Another Realtor’s buyers were not able to perform due to some lending issues they’re having.  I’m very dis-appointed with that great big waste of time for my sellers, but I’m putting it behind me and moving forward with other prospective buyers for their wonderful in-town acreage.  I’ll be phoning some agents who called on it during the time it was still under contract, just to make sure the general public knows it’s still available.

While driving around the City today, I noticed how the water levels of our creeks and river have risen.  There’ve been people mentioning how their sump pumps have been working overtime.  Our sub-soils must be very saturated from all the rain and snow we’ve had.  I was sad to hear one area of our City was without power and some finished basements ended up taking in water.  After hearing the news today, it sounds like we’ll be bracing for another dumping of snow tomorrow night, and it’s not going to be a light dusting.

My one-liner for tonight is:  Children are the cruelest of all.

And as a footnote.  Far too often we find adults continuing to nurture the very same mentalities they had during their adolescent years, to where some even revel in their naughty monkey behaviors.

Joe Chodur

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