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Oh Mercy!  The wind today was strong enough to blow just about anyone into the next County.  And with it being such a cold wind, made it all the more troublesome while outdoors.  Believe it or not, I was dressed in my high winter togs, and glad of it.   It was so bad, I was compelled to drive everywhere I needed to go, including  places I normally walk.

Even after looking twice, I was still in dis-belief after reading we’re supposed to get six to eight inches of snow on Sunday.  Keep in mind, that storm will arrive on the 8th of April.  How much more crazy can our weather get? Well,  our overnight temps tonight are to be dropping down to 10 degrees or colder.  Those poor robins flying around town are looking all the hungrier these days.

As I driving out on the southwest side of our City, I noticed a dead crow lying in the snow, and two other live ones standing nearby that were likely in their crow “state of mourning”. Someone told me several years ago that if you kill a crow belonging to a group/family in the area, and they happen to see you killed it, they’ll curse at you from afar in their crow language for an overly-extended period of time.  I pretty much suspected that from many years ago, but just recently read how they’re so very much tied to their family units, to where they actually go into a state of mourning/vengeance.

My mid-afternoon was spent showing a number of Prairie Place on 1st condominium units.  Since the buyers had never seen them before, I gave them the entire tour of the complex.  As what seems to always be the case, they were very much impressed with what they saw and heard.   Having never met them before, I’d say if they do decide to purchase one of them, they’ll be yet another good “fit” for that wonderful community of existing residents.  I won’t be surprised if I get a call back asking me to schedule another showing of whatever floor plan they like the most.  The husband mentioned while walking out, “I sure got an information over-load today.”  That’s a good thing because I’d rather have buyers more in the known than in the dark.

One of my later duties was to attend a visitation of a gentleman whom I’ve know for a number of years.  As always, I ended up seeing more people there whom I knew, which kept me in that space much longer than my planned going in, leaving a card, viewing the deceased, and lastly, extending my condolences to immediate family members.  What always makes me a little sad, are those memory boards of photos and memorabilia nearly all families put up for those in attendance to view.  It always makes for me a creepy sort of visual walking back in time to where you want to say, “Is this all there is to show for all of his or her years on earth?”

I’m not so sure when and who got that all started, because when I was young and being forced to go to visitations with my parents, I don’t remember anything like that being done.  There were only open caskets, flowers, but nothing more.  I believe those “tribute” stands that are stationed around, are a bit much for the general public and extended relatives to see.   A few years ago I was at a visitation which also had those tribute boards and memorabilia placed about which I thought at the time, if the decedent were still alive, would’ve vehemently frowned upon them.  Oh well,  it’s a fad that was started years ago, yet still alive and well.

Speaking of fads, I’m still waiting for that disgusting “drop-crotch” fashion to permanently go out of style.  And the other one close behind is all the wild and un-tamed facial hair so many of our men are growing.  Seeing it on the young ones is bad enough, but when finding it on older men who have more hair on their faces than on their heads causes them to appear all the more upside-down.

I’m still of the belief that if everyone would soulfully work at looking their best, they’d feel all the better about themselves, and I’m sure there’ve already been confirming studies done on it, but those researchers are afraid to release their findings due to everyone being forced into this “politically correct” nonsense.

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