While out on an appointment today, I ran into an elderly customer of mine who began talking about how we’ve had a much milder winter compared ones he’d experienced back when he was younger and raising his family.  He went on about blizzards and high snow drifts, but I didn’t say much other than listen and acknowledge.

Since he’s up there in age and likely not getting out much, he really doesn’t understand the scope of this winter’s fury.  As we all know, we’ve had much more wind than normal and way too much sleet which created layers of ice.  And then to have two feet of record-breaking heavier than “yell” snow dumped on us at such a late date in March.  I’ll not forget my tedious and very time consuming chipping away at a long stretch of 4″ thick ice last week.  I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if there were records broken in the emergency section of Mercy over those two killer days of ice.  Never again will I equate bad winters to be those with mounds of snow.

Early this afternoon I went over to Prairie Place on 1st to take photos of another unit I placed on the market today.  There are now 2 one bedroom units and 10 two bedroom units remaining.  Each time I’m over there, I run into several of the residents.  Today I managed to have a chat with four of them.  Yes, they all love their new digs and I’m happy for them.  Of all the condominium units I’ve sold over the years, there’s never been as a whole, a community as copacetic as they are.  It’s almost as if a great and good invisible force is “hand-picking” every new buyer.  There’ve been times in the past when I’ve told sellers on occasion how it seemed as if a given structure was making the final decision as to which buyer it wanted to have living there.

A call came in today from a prospective buyer on an acreage that’s far enough out of town to where I had to plan for it.  Thank goodness the blacktops are all melted off so I won’t have to worry about getting there and back.  They seem pretty interested in it, so we’ll see how it goes.  The seller had one offer on it before winter hit, so maybe the buyers and sellers will come together on price if an offer is given.

I had to laugh this afternoon when asking a colleague what he’s doing for Easter.  He said, “I’m going out of town to a relative’s home for “Eastmas”.  Just after, I was informed that Eastmas is the combination of a belated Christmas being celebrated on Easter.  I couldn’t help by saying, “Are you going to have a naked tree with a star a-top with Easter eggs hanging from its branches, along with fake grass underneath where there’ll be colorful wrapped presents along with black jelly beans strewn about?”  There was a good laugh out of that question.

It would be an interesting event to attend if only to be a fly on wall so to see it all unfold.  They may not know it, but there could possibly be some copy-catting going on if their Eastmas turns out to be a great success.  We all know how singular happenings can go viral on the internet.  In spite of whatever happens with their celebration, I’m pondering the idea of hosting my own Eastmas next year.  What do you think?

Joe Chodur

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