Tangled Branches

Someone called late this morning wanting to look at a home, and knowing it was vacant and most likely un-shoveled, I added another 45 minutes to when I could be there which would afford me enough time to shovel a path from the street to the home’s back door.  Unfortunately, they arrived about 20 minutes early and me not yet being to the back door.  I was again reminded how irritated I get when someone is watching me work. It wouldn’t be half so bad if only they’d keep still, instead of wanting to chat. Oh well, I got to the back door, showed them the home, and hopefully they’ll be interested in it.

My attire today was about as casual as you could imagine.  I was even wearing blue jeans and lace-up boots.  It’s a rarity for someone to see me dressed like that whenever showing homes.  Believe it or not, I do go without a tie on occasion–especially when it’s hot outside.  I’m not even the least bit concerned about this coming summer’s heat, because after this winter’s endless days of biting wind and our over-abundance of ice, I wouldn’t care if Mother Nature skips over our coming winter of 2018/2019.

I’ve been running into enough people who’ve had some bad spills this winter, and today’s visitor is still nursing a gash received when he slipped and fell down some steps.  He was teasing me while I was out shoveling in front of my office.  He said, “Why don’t all these other businesses in your block keep their sidewalks as clean as yours?  And it does look kinda funny even now as I look down it and see everyone else’s walks nearly knee deep except yours.”  Since he’d mentioned something similar to me before, I repeated again, “Well you know most people today are either too tight-fisted with their money or they’re beyond laziness, or maybe both”  Thank goodness the storm finally passed and our sun re-appeared.

Later this afternoon, a potential client called and asked if I’d have time next week to look at a home he’s thinking about selling. Of course I whole-heartedly agreed to whatever time would work for him.  He was quick to mention that if it didn’t sell, he’ll want me to help him get it rented.  Since I know where his home is located I said, “I can’t make any promises, but I highly doubt it’ll be on the market for any many days”  I’m excited about it because it’s in one of our sought after districts.

After hanging up from a call I had to make this afternoon to a very tall and strapping young gentleman, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself when he said, “My snowblower broke down, so I had to shovel my driveway by hand.”  All I said was, “I only wish I had your muscles helping me today when knowing how much I’ve already hand-heaved.” Let’s just hope this is the last heavy snowstorm for the season.  I still have really bad thoughts about that heavy snow we had back in 2015 on either the first or second day of May. Now, that was another memorable physical challenge.

I took time today to capture the above photo of an ancient red cedar’s tangled branches covered with snow.  I’ve always been moved by their primitive appearances–especially in winter.

Joe Chodur

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