Happy St. Patrick’s Day of 2018

Since I didn’t have any appointments this morning, I went over to my new listing at 30 – 2nd St. NE and placed a “for sale” sign in its front window.  After reading last nights article where I mentioned possible businesses that would make a good fit for it, please let me know any other thoughts you may have for a small business in our Historic Downtown.

While visiting with a dear friend this morning, she mentioned how most of our residents here in Mason City haven’t a clue how fortunate we are to have such a wide variety of architectural styles in homes and buildings, and yes I know our City has been mentioned more than once in national publications.  There’s always the mention of the Historic Park Inn Hotel, and a few times about all the different styles we are fortunate enough to have still remaining.  Of course, I don’t even want to mention all those that went to the wrecking ball just from the time I was a youngster.  It’s funny in thinking about it now, because even then, when being maybe eight or ten years old, I would always have a “ping” of great sadness whenever I’d see yet another building being scraped off our City’s map.  I believe the innocence of childhood offers great insights to possible future effects from actions taken in current times. I’ll not ever forget the “Prussian Tower” home that stood at the northeast corner of N. Penn and 1st St. NE. What a waste of design for the “needed” expansion of a parking lot belonging to a funeral home!

You’ll likely think me crazy, but while driving between Ventura and Clear Lake this afternoon, I could have sworn I saw four tightly grouped, yet larger than normal drones flying in the distance. At first I thought they were a small group of geese, but looking more closely, they weren’t birds.  Someone must own a small fleet of them and likely playing around.  It was a bit creepy.

After what I’ve been reading of late, we’re going to be seeing all the more of them in our near future.  Some of their manufacturers are definitely drawing on the cutting edges of our computer technologies and incorporating them into their drones.  It sounds like they’ll be used by farmers to check on their crops, by water districts to check on water levels, and utility companies to check on sub-stations, and don’t be surprised if the DNR with all their money and power in this State, will purchase the most sophisticated of them to spy on those who’re hunting and/or fishing.  It looks like the human factor is becoming all the more excluded.  What are all those workers going to do when permanently out of jobs in their specific fields?

Figuring it was time for me to visit my favorite church which is located more than a short distance from here, I headed off in its direction.  It’s always a pleasant experience whenever I have time to drive country highways and blacktops so to freely take in the sights of rural North Iowa.  It’s stark beauty always moves me.

After listening to the sermon given by my favorite preacher, I was all the more gladdened I decided to be there.  Today’s Lenten message was one I’d never considered.  He likened these weeks of Lent to be the time when we work at loosening the knots of sin/evil so to allow goodness to flow into our lives when Easter Sunday arrives.  I’m sure he gave many in the body of his church all the more to think and talk about afterwards.

I do wish you all a delightful St. Patrick’s Day, along with hoping all your roads rise up to greet you, and the wind to be ever at your backs!

Joe Chodur

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