Best to Give Back

I’m pretty much ready for my closing tomorrow of a home that should’ve been closed several months ago, but at the last hour, a buyer’s agent informed me the loan was turned down.  Two winter months lost in marketing was enough to give me fits when reading that email.  Luckily another buyer arrived on the scene not long after that first sale fell thru.  With all things considered, I’m glad for the new buyers because I know they’ll make some fine improvements on it to where in time, the seller will be pleased when seeing the exterior upgrades that have been made.

Just after putting my coat on and preparing to leave my office this morning, I turned and looked toward the front door and became a little spooked when seeing person had walked in without me hearing the door.  As I walked towards him, I asked if he could be helped, and his response was questioning if I had time to visit with him about something, and all the while moving in the direction of my front office desk so to likely seat himself.  I was forced to apologize for not having time due to my scheduled appointment.  I simply said, “I really don’t have time, but do stop back later.”  If the look he gave me could’ve spoken, I think there may have been some sort of hidden agendas in those eyes, and especially when noticing how he hesitated and near ready to say something more before turning and walking out.

Since our City really isn’t that large, and therefore over time, we’ve more sooner than later seen or crossed paths with most.  For sure, I’d not ever seen that person before–especially the way he carried himself, the clothes he was wearing, and his noticeable nervousness.  At first, I had suspected he was looking for rental housing, but after just a few moments seeing and hearing his words and actions, it was likely something more he had in mind.  I suspect he was preparing to ask for some sort of hand-out, or possibly trying to sell me something since he was carrying a loose-slung canvas bag.  Thank goodness he didn’t return, but I suspect he was making other singular stops at businesses in and around our business district.

Late this afternoon I received a call from a person inquiring about Prairie Place on 1st.  I soon discovered it was for a parent who is moving in the direction of getting situated in Senior housing these coming months.  It was a long, yet productive call to where I believe I gave the caller all the necessary information regarding those units.

I’m so glad we have concerned adult children of elderly parents living in North Iowa who are taking pro-active steps to ensure their parent or parents have safe and comfortable living arrangements during their golden years–especially when nearly always, those concerned children live out of town, or in another State.  I truly bless as well as admire them for realizing it’s now their turn to give back to their parents the care and concern they received during their formative years.  In the whole scheme of it all, don’t you think it’s best to give back to those who’ve given all that much more?

Joe Chodur

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