Horrifically Bad

The most scary thoughts were what must be happening all over our City with our Seniors and their spills during these times. We all know, as humans age, their bones are not as elastic as they were when young, to where even a light fall on a hard surface can create fractures and even breaks.  Hopefully with the first of March being tomorrow, we won’t be having such hard freezes to where those puddles get turned overnight into black ice. That’s exactly what that young lady stepped on which caused her to go flying.

Not much exciting happened at the office today other than a visit from a well known who is seriously considering a long overdue change of employment.  From what I’ve recently read, she’s a classic example of the feelings many have who’re approaching 40 and not possessing skills that are in high demand.

She is talented in one area to where I’ve encouraged her on occasion over the years to open her own business.  Of course even today she was being resistive due to her fears of failure and the financial responsibility she has in helping her low-paid husband in providing for her underage children.  I fully understood her dilemma, but I also don’t understand how she, as well as others can remain at their same dead-end jobs for far more years than they should just because of their fears of future failure.

Because we seemed to be going in the same circle of debate as others before, I finally said, “Now look.  The worst possible thing that can happen if you can’t make it with your own small business, is that you’ll have to go out and find something else to do. But don’t you think it’s time to at least give yourself but one opportunity in your life to do something you enjoy as well as good at, before you find yourself approaching retirement, and by then, you won’t even want to begin a new career?

I think that statement must’ve really flipped a switch with her because I could see the wheels turning while staring at me.  She finally said, “You know what?  I’m gonna go home and have a long-overdue talk with my husband about starting my own business. My last encouragement before she left was, “Just make up your mind, and stick to it!”

My conversation with her today reminded me of a parting-company statement I made to a real estate broker with whom I worked with for over 10 years who was making me all the more crazy the longer I was at her office.  She basically said something like, “You’ll be really sorry for leaving my office, because it was MY office that kept food on your table.”  Knowing all the better at the time, I quietly replied while  walking out, “If I fail, I’d still rather be picking weeds out of a farmer’s field before I’d ever come back to work with you.”  You see, there are those times when your sub-conscious knows what’s best–especially if you take the time to slow down and listen.

After spending over a half hour in a paint store this evening, I finally found a wall color I considered to be appropriate for a room I’ll be painting.  I’m sure the clerk must’ve thought me crazy when seeing how many times I had to go out into natural light to check a color.  I really wish those paint stores wouldn’t have those nasty florescent lights above their paint color displays, because it’s no wonder I’ve seen some horrifically bad color choices people have made for the interiors of their homes.

Have a great evening as well as tomorrow.

Joe Chodur

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