Synthetic Opioids

Oh how good it felt to have our temps above freezing today.  The streams of water were definitely running down the streets of our Downtown.  After having noticed more water than normal running down the street outside my office, I stepped outside to see what was causing it.  Sure enough, one of the storm sewer openings was closed due to packed snow and ice.  After about a half hour of working at it, I managed to get the snow and ice away and divert that stream coming from the south into that opening.  Thank goodness I did because there was a whole lot of water building up out front.  By the time I left work, the streams had turned into little trickles.

One of my afternoon appointments was with the Director of the Good Shepherd to talk about my progress in getting the remaining units at Prairie Place on 1st sold.  I couldn’t help but mention how it wouldn’t surprise me if after the snow and ice is gone, there’ll be all the more people looking to sell their homes and purchase one.  There’s no question that if I were in my retirement years and having dealt with the icy sidewalks and driveways we’ve had this winter, I’d be saying to myself, “Enough is enough!” and be the first at the door at my office to purchase one of them.  When you think about it, you couldn’t possibly have a more safe senior living environment than what Prairie Place on 1st has to offer.

The one big over-looked feature, is its underground parking with an elevator servicing all four levels.  Of course if the weather is treacherous, there are enough things to do within the confines of its complex to where one need not venture out for days.  You could even have groceries delivered to the front door should you run out of your basics.  Since I enjoy walking, I’d be up and down those halls and four flights of stairs on a regular basis.  Remember, stair-stepping is the best exercise for older people.

My all time favorite that’s yet to be sold is Unit 301. There’s something “special” about it  on the 3rd Floor along with being a tucked-away corner unit.  For sure, I’d be seated out on its covered deck and watching the world go by on a near daily basis.  Be sure to tell friends and relatives who’re thinking about making a well-deserved move.

Since I had some time to kill today, I sat down to read the Time Magazine which arrived yesterday in my mail.  I would say this was the first time I’ve read a magazine from cover to cover in one sitting.  The entire issue was based on our Country’s opioid epidemic.

The more I read, the more I was sickened by real-life stories of those addicted, their families, and the effects they’ve had on first responders in over-dose situations.  Believe it or not, we’re now having to deal with the post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) of those whose jobs are to be first at the scenes after likely 911 calls of opioid over-doses. Those black and white photos taken by a renowned photographer of real-life events actually sent chills through me.

The statistics and histories don’t lie, and after you read this week’s issue of Time Magazine, you’ll first feel sick, but then you likely want to do something about it.  My heart goes out to all those children, spouses, and extended families of those who’ve become addicted, and then over-dosed and died, along with those who’re rapidly approaching death’s doorsteps themselves.  Since I’m such a critic of the written word, I wouldn’t be surprised if Time Magazine receives an award or international recognition this year for such a moving publishing.  We’ll see.

What made me the angriest, is that the most deadly of those synthetic opioids are being manufactured in Mexico and China and smuggled into our country and peddled by nefarious dealers.  Like I said to someone during a phone conversation today, “I couldn’t ever imagine myself even in the hardest of times, selling something to someone that would more sooner than later kill them.”  What in general is happening to the consciences of humans living here on earth?  Is money and power all that important to where we’ve now allowing ourselves to be turned into monsters that are willing to make fast bucks irregardless of end consequences?  It looks like we’re taking a few more rapid steps towards the return of the Dark Ages.  Get ready to hang onto your seats.

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