The Shell Rock

Since having a relatively free morning, I decided to do a little driving around the countryside with my camera.  The sun was definitely shining brightly, and what made it all the more beautiful, was the noticeable lack of people on the road.  I was gone for only a little over an hour, but I did get some pretty good shots that I’ll be sharing along with the one I’m posting tonight.

After grabbing a quick bite to eat, I changed my clothes and headed off to my little/big project where I worked for about five hours.  I actually got more accomplished than I’d expected which made me happy.  Now that the finished product is all the more visible, I couldn’t help but stop and look back on all my countless hours of work.  It’s always those big projects that most can’t keep themselves focused upon because the average person can’t stay at something during their off-hours for long periods of time.  I believe it’s a by-product of the growing mentality of many where they want everything finished in their “nows”.  For all the more,  their past is dead, and their futures are not even to be considered, because they’re living in, and focused on the “nows”.  With a concerned eye, I’ve been noticing this change of mindsets over this past two decades, and it worries me.

Just speaking of this mentality now, has caused me to think back on the lives of so many people who’ve spend thousands of hours of their lives doing absolutely nothing other than watching television or playing on their computers or smart phones.  It makes me shudder even thinking about how absolutely ignorant they’ve been because they couldn’t seem to understand that those thousands of precious hours of their lives are gone forever, and absolutely nothing to show as a worth out of their sedentary lifestyles.

Another “tribe” of people whom I distance myself, are those who also spend hundreds of hours in attempts to control others thru intimidation and/or manipulation.  They also do as much as they can to tear down all those whom they believe to be apostates of their sub-groups.  Most would think these things are done by only naughty children and young adults, but in truth, it spans all socio-economic levels, as well as age groups which even includes those in their retirement years.  It makes a person wonder how well they’ve taught their children and grand-children in their monkey-see, monkey-do, dark thinking ways.

Don’t you ever wonder what those people must consider their real purpose in life is?  It makes you almost want to walk up to them and soulfully ask, “What great and good contributions do you believe you’ve made for the world during your years here on Earth?”  There are a handful that come to mind while writing this whom I’d like to pose such a question.  I’m not so sure I’d get an answer from any of them which would justify the amount of resources they’ve wasted while here.  It makes me all the more sad even thinking about it.

The above photo is one I took this morning of my favorite North Iowa river which is the Shell Rock River.  Be it Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, the Shell Rock River seems to always have a beauty that shines forth in each and every Season.

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