Next Day Delivery

Most of my day was spent keeping up with sale files that are moving towards their closings.  As much as I appreciate modern technology, today was my day of exceptional frustration with office machines not working correctly, as well as the internet being funked up.  One of my clients was at the office while I was trying to get one of them to work, and I think she got a few giggles over the comedy of it all.   As far as I’m concerned, we have far too many machines and gadgets that have touch screens.  For example, my nearly new microwave at the office decided it was going to add one more minute to whatever time I touch-screened in.  Now today it’s working fine.  Go figure!

After telling a personal story to one of my client/customers today about someone who’s been very abusive to another, I said, “You know, after what I just read, I think I’m going to need some help with finding the perfect noun to brand that person.”  He then said, “Oh, I have a Thesaurus I can borrow if you’d like.”  I had to decline the offer because I doubt there’d be an appropriate name contained within because I’m certain it doesn’t provide names one would ever be calling a human who’s that low.

While waiting for the hour to arrive for showings I had scheduled, I picked up this week’s Economist magazine and started reading an article regarding the technology race between the United States and China.  Only being part way thru it, I’m already thinking we’ve got some serious long-term security problems in our world.

It wasn’t just a day ago when I read an article about how China has implemented an Orwellian form of control/surveillance over their far western province where there are  over 20 million ethnic Muslims.  I can’t imagine how horrible those people’s lives must be with having to endure face recognition cameras everywhere in public, a Chinese military policeman standing at nearly every corner, forced DNA coding, and 24 hour internet and cell phone monitoring.

What was the most scary about that article was that the author believes China is already starting to slowly implement those tried and true practices throughout their country, as well as ready to sell such technologies to other totalitarian governments.  Now if that’s not a global attack on Democracy, I’d like to know what is.

Absolute power being held by a select few in any country/government body is a recipe for generational abuse of its citizens.  Yet those few embrace and promote their iniquitous standards of government control as being “good for all”.  Since we humans fell out of our trees, it’s always been about greed, power, and absolute control. Yes, I do believe we are on a “next day” delivery to a not so far away, 21st century Dark Ages.

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