A Sterling Sunset

After receiving a phone call this afternoon, I bristled when discovering one of the homes I was scheduled to show tomorrow just happened to get sold last night.  As I mentioned to one who’s not been in the business as long as I have, “We’ll be seeing a noticeable change in the way real estate offices market their new listings.”

I remember a time a very many years ago when there was a shortage of homes on the market and whenever a new listing would appear, it was as if by some magical happing, it had already been sold by either the listing agent, or another agent in their office.  Magic?  Not likely.  It was the old “hold off” on getting a listing contract signed until an office’s agents had time to call all their prospective buyers.  I actually challenged a broker once on their questionable methods, and the answer I got nearly floored me when suddenly God’s Will was included in that broker’s weak excuses.  It’s very interesting how the greed of some can be so easily justified–especially in God’s name.  Some day I’ll have to share a few more stories of people using the Divine as their excuse for doing some of the most unfair and in-equitable things while being perfectly comfortable about it.

One of my showings today went pretty well to where I won’t be surprised if I get a call for a second viewing.  After I got back to the office, I did call the seller and ask that he make a few more cheap-fix repairs that were glaringly visible.  I came to realize many years ago that if I see something wrong, the buyers do too, but they normally don’t comment on it, but rather mentally chalk it up as a larger than need be negative on the home.  Even if buyers live like piggies, they’re just as fussy as clean freaks about the maintenance and cleanliness of homes they’re viewing.  I’ve always considered them to be people in possession of double standards.

Speaking of double standards, I personally know a handful of people who live like hoarding hermits inside their unkempt homes, but when they’re visiting others, they put on the ritz and consider even the smallest of dust bunnies to be life threatening.  I had to chuckle to myself when seeing how two similar people were acting while visiting their  elder relative.  In my opinion, all that fussing and fretting was just for show.

While at the Dollar Store check-out late this afternoon, I certainly got my eyes, ears, and nose full from a very young and by the way, pregnant couple who were buying discounted Valentine’s Day candy. Oh Mercy!  I actually had to stand back about ten steps from them because of their reeking odor.  Their smell reminded me of something akin to sour beer.   His clothes were filthy from head to toe, and she had on a long flowing dress that was dragging on the floor.  But the worst was when they said something between themselves which caused each of them to laugh.  Oh how much I reel whenever seeing people with such greenish-yellow teeth that look like they hadn’t been brushed in months.  And remember, that young woman looked to be about eight months pregnant.  How in Heaven’s name are those two going to be able to provide their child on the way a safe, sound, and secure home environment?

Tonight’s photo is one I took last night which I freely name, “A Sterling Sunset”.  Living on the Plains does provide us with some of the most fabulous sunrises and sunsets. Now see, living in North Iowa does have its positives.

Joe Chodur

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