Bucket O’Chiles

The bulk of my morning was spent working at keeping several sales files moving in the right direction.  As I’ve said a hundred times before, “A home isn’t sold until it’s closed.”  Perhaps I’m a little more prudent than other Realtors with advice I give to sellers to where I go over the normal chain of events from the time they sign their purchase contracts, and up to and thru closings.  In these times, around two thirds of our buyers request inspections on the homes they purchase, and invariably there’s always something coming out of their reports that have to be addressed.

Once past that hurdle comes the appraisal.  Thank goodness I normally don’t have problems with them due to my having done my own market analysis which is similar to an appraisal before a given home is listed with my office.  Unfortunately, during the busy season, we can be waiting weeks for the appraiser to show up.  They’re all given a drop dead time frame, but still they’re late as far as I’m concerned.

All the while these things are going on, the banks are gathering requested documents from the buyers, and that too can be an extended waiting period where landlords and/or employers are not returning verifications of employment along with rent verifications.  Just recently one of my sales fell thru because I suspect the buyer changed jobs during the approval process. Then of course there are also those buyers who believe it’s also time to change vehicles.  Oops.  I’ve seen loans get turned down because a buyer without thinking, got plugged into a much higher car payment which sent the debt to income ratios over their limit which resulted in a loan denial.

It’s too bad we can’t have a system where buyers can get homes they want to purchase inspected prior to making offers, and also sellers getting their homes appraised by bank approved appraisers which in turn can be used by whomever purchases those homes.

And finally, wouldn’t it be nice if a bank would allow buyers to get all their employment and residency information approved beforehand?  I believe it would be possible as long as every buyer makes absolutely no changes in debt load, residency, and employment.  With all these things done ahead of time, we would be experiencing some extra worry-free home sales.  This almost sounds like a beautiful cash sale with no inspections.

You wouldn’t believe it, but I actually made a drive over to Hancock County to show an acreage today.  The roads weren’t as bad as I thought, but still dangerous.  Oh Mercy!  Driving up that lane and walking to that house was so slippery to where I must’ve looked like a 100 year old man trying to keep his baby-step balance.  On my way back into the City I kept thinking to myself, “I can’t believe you went out in this today.”

Between phone calls and appointments, I worked at stripping the hot peppers off plants that’ve been hanging to dry in the basement of my office which have been down there since October.  Having in the past done it enough times, I’ve pretty much got my mechanical methods established.  While stripping them off their dried plants, fond memories of my youth came rushing back.  Yes, I’ve been familiar with nearly all types of hot peppers for a very many years.

The above photo is of what I stripped off today.  I have four more plants to take down and strip, and then comes my next job, which is removing their green stems before they’re all ground.  For sure I’ll have more than enough of my wonderful ground chile peppers to share with whomever would like a small bottle.  It really is quite good, but unless you’re used to it, you must use it sparingly because the heat in mine has a way of creeping up on you.  It’s even good sprinkled on ice cream.  It gives you that creepy cool hot/cold feeling.

What do you think of my bucket o’chiles?

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