Hurried Monday

One of my appointments this morning was in Nora Springs, so I figured I’d stop and pay a visit to an dear classmate of mine who lives there.  He was only in my class school for one year, but during that time, we must’ve made a memorable impression on each other because a very many years later and after his recent divorce, he decided to move back to Mason City, and actually called me to sell him a home in the area.

My reason for stopping for about a half hour before heading to my appointment, was to just play catch-up since I’d not seen or spoken to him for at least two years.  He’s continuing to make improvements on his home to where it really is quite charming as well as comfortable.  Seemed he wanted to talk more about our old days rather than the here and now which was OK with me.  We did get a few more laughs when talking about some of the crazy things that went on back in our “stone age” days of school.

He must’ve prepared himself for my visit because while there, he pulled out from under his chair an old yearbook.  When I saw it, I immediately said, “Oh no! Here comes another embarrassing moment!”  He went to a page, and handed the book over to me and said, “Can you find yourself?”  Way down towards the end of the page I found a young gentleman whom I guessed to be me because I’d never seen that photo before.  I said him, “My gosh! I didn’t realize I had such a mouthful of teeth and an even wider smile that year.”  I think it was one of those years where my face wasn’t growing fast enough to keep up with my teeth and lips.  We did get a good laugh out of it.   Some have told me in the past how much I’d changed after reaching my 21st year, and after seeing that photo today, I’m in total agreement.

On my way back from Nora Springs after my showing, my fears were confirmed about those reckless drivers on the highway when seeing several cars in the ditch.  While driving over, there were people likely angry with me because I wasn’t going the speed limit, but I didn’t care because I could “feel” how slippery the roadway was from that wet snow.  Oh well, we all must live and learn.

My public open house at 422 S. Tennessee Place was a great success today.  Those in attendance were all showing very good interest.  In fact one of them, when looking at the price must’ve been even more surprised because of the way she was acting after seeing it.  One of the potential buyers that was there whom I’ve known on and off over the years is also showing interest, and as far as I’m concerned she’d be the perfect fit for it.  I’m hoping she’s the one who ends up buying it because if anyone deserves such a great value, it’s her.

Let’s all hope tomorrow’s temps will be above freezing and get our streets melted off before another hurried Monday morning arrives.

Joe Chodur

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