Covered All Sides

I had another “soft landing” closing today on a home which had a number of offers on it over the months, but couldn’t seem to get together on price.  I’m just happy the sellers are content with what it sold for so they can now move on with their lives.  Since the ground is still frozen solid, after about 20 minutes of work, I did manage to get my sold sign out of their yard before going to closing.

While waiting for the buyers to finish up with their side, the sellers and I happened to get on the subject of the recent school shootings in Florida.  It seems these incidents are becoming all the more frequent across the United States to where I’m convinced there’s something very wrong with the way in which children are being reared.  Yes, there have always been those “bad seeds” throughout history, but in these times, there appears to be all those many more of them.

What creeped me out a bit was the seller saying she believes there are one possibly two students in our City’s school system who have that type of evil lurking within, while saying it’s almost as though you can see that devilment in their eyes along with they way they carry themselves.  Now think about it and tell the truth when I ask, “Have you ever had an exceptionally uncomfortable feeling about a small few when crossing paths with them?”  It’s almost as though they radiate evil.

On the flip side, I just happened to hear several days ago about recent happenings in the life of a young man.  Not so many years ago I encountered him at a closing of a home I had listed. Just sitting there and casually noticing his demeanor, I soon discovered he to be one of society’s “radiators”.  At the time while driving away from the bank, I thought to myself, “He’s going to be a magnet for some chosen young lady out of the crowd and reel her in by hook, line, and sinker.”  Without making any more clarifications on his present situation, all I can say is that he married VERY well.  Don’t ask me why I believed he possess that ability from one casual encounter, other than I’d say he had that “look” and mannerism of a gold digger.  Hearing about his recent rise in socio-economic status, I couldn’t help but remember what an old Jewish businessman once said to me which went something like, “Be sure to marry for money, because you’ll always learn to love them.”

Since since hearing the weather is supposed to be markedly warmer this weekend, I do hope you all are spreading the word about the open house I’ll be having on Saturday at 422 S. Tennessee Place here in Mason City.  It’s really a great buy.

Late this afternoon I ran into a young man who has a full time job, but also does freelance writing on the side.  He announced that he’s getting more work and hopes some day to be a full-time journalist.  I congratulated him, but also shook my finger at him while telling him that if he’s going to get into reporting news, he must pretend as though his subject is in the middle of a four-way intersection, and be sure to visit all four “corners”, then knowing he’s covered all sides of the subject before sending his findings to print.  He actually thanked me for my advise, and I could tell that when I said it, there was a sort of illumination that was taking place within.  So glad I had the opportunity to visit with him and relay my encouragements.

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