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Only on rare occasions do I become so dark with this cold, which I’d consider being like most men on winter weekends where they’re lounging around inside while attempting to appear constructively busy at something significant, but in reality, they’re either on their computers, smart phones, or watching something on their million-channel cable set-ups.  Envisioning it as I now speak, I race back to reality knowing fully well how much I hate idleness along non-productive time during an entire day.  It’s almost as if an even greater darkness creeps within when time is overly-heavy on my hands.  I mentioned something today to one who’s attempting to loose some pounds by saying, “If you’d make a point to be physically busy as much as possible during your entire waking hours, you’ll find yourself having burned all the more calories on a daily basis.”  After getting a weak acknowledgement, I’m sure that suggestion was dismissed as soon as it was registered. Oh well, I guess that person’s on one of those sluggardly weight loss programs.

After getting my out of town business taken care of with some clients, we had a good visit about the recent happenings in their community.  Somehow, a particular family’s name came up, and yours truly certainly didn’t hesitate a moment to tell his story about that clan.  After sharing but a handful of past interactions with my clients about them, they opened up all the more regarding things they’d first experienced first-hand with them.

I’ve always considered it very strange how “funked-up” families can convince themselves on a daily basis how great and wonderful they are, when in reality, they’re borderline bullying control freaks, who seize every opportunity to use everyone they can for the sole purpose of taking everything and everything they can from others.  Since I was familiar with three of that family’s generations, I consider it to be another prime example of “morphic resonance”.  What confirmed my suspicions, was seeing how even a daughter would be of the same mindset as her brothers as well as her father, and after having interacted with her enough, I’d say her personality traits were far beyond that of a learned behavior.  I’m convinced it’s in their genes.  Now I’m being mean while saying, I did happen once to see a family photo of an even older generation of that family, and the first thing when seeing it I thought of was that they must’ve been set from Europe to America on a prison ship.  Very scary.

After I left, I’m sure they were sharing with each other all the many more confrontations they had with them while growing up in the same area.  It’s funny how those “news reels” in our minds can start playing with only the mention of a family’s last name.

My public open house  didn’t have as many visitors as I’d expected, but with this cold weather, I doubt many people felt like venturing out.  Those that did come were pleased with what they saw, so maybe it will get sold all the sooner.

I’m hoping for a better all-round day tomorrow where I can get the lion’s share of my accounting completed so I can move back to my little-big pet project.  After a hard week’s work at real estate sales, it’s always good to quiet down with my favorite pastime.

Wishing you all a cozy evening and a delightful day tomorrow.

Joe Chodur

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