The Hungry Heifer

While out there again this afternoon sweeping the snow away that had fallen from my building’s parapets, some heavy-set guy was walking towards my office and began saying, “You need to create a path to the street.”  I looked up at him as he drew closer and pointed while saying, “There is one here.”  I guess he was really itching to chide someone for there not being openings created.  There sure are those that really have the “eggs” to speak before they either think or look.

Even the beer truck was hauling cases of giggle water thru my opening down a half block to that tavern.  It annoyed me greatly seeing his cart had made two white tracks of snow down my section of sidewalk, so back out I went after he left to sweep those marks off.  I’m sure when I arrive at my office tomorrow morning, I’ll be seeing many “cat tracks” created by that bar’s patrons around that opening, and down the sidewalk in that direction.

I’m hoping my public open house at 122 – 11th St. SW is going to be a success tomorrow to where there’ll be an interested buyer.  It’s definitely time for it to be sold with our days getting longer, and hopefully the temps rising.  The above photo is of its exterior.  I just love the double-decker porch it offers.  What wonderful views there must be from up above during our pleasant months.

While driving home, I was reminded it was Friday night when noticing all the cars in the parking lot of the Knights of Columbus.  This is the evening where they have their all you can eat fish and chicken fry. I just don’t get it with people going to such places.  What type of enjoyment does anyone get out of shoveling dump truck loads of food down their pie holes?

This business of all you can eat has become a dirty habit for many North Iowans, and those businesses are booming because of it.  I don’t know how many people have told me how I really must dine at Pizza Ranch or China Buffet because you can eat all you want of nearly everything in their trough lines.  And we wonder why so many Americans have serious weight problems.

Over the years, I think I’ve been in them maybe two or three times, and went only because I was pressured into going by those who absolutely wouldn’t take a strong negative hint.  Oh well, those were experiences that’ll remain embedded in my memory.  Those are the eateries that are high on content but low on quality.  I’m sorry, I still prefer smaller, yet wholesome portions of food over those, “everything tastes the same” greasy quantities.

Speaking about these places tonight has caused me to remember that weekly television show “Cheers” which aired a great many years ago.  I can’t remember all the names of the characters, but there would be times when they’d be talking about one of those very same “all you can eat” food bars where several of them would go and pig out.  If my memory serves me, I believe it was called, “The Hungry Heifer”.

Now please, don’t any of you get any ideas of opening one here in Mason City. We have more than enough.  By the way, did you know “The Good Life” has returned in our Historic Downtown under new ownership after so very many years?  I’ll have to stop there some early evening just to have a look.

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