Waiting for Me

As much as I was hoping the sunshine would warm things up today, that north wind kept us under its frigid grip our entire day.  Thank goodness I didn’t have to be out in it much.

The extra-fluffy overnight snow was quite the sight when the sun came up.  It always is a rare treat to see snowflakes so light and bright.  Perhaps Mother Nature was trying to get us to at least fall in “like” with winter.

I’m still working at getting another one of my listings sold which another agent and I have been working on these past days.  It’s refreshing to work with an agent who’s very much like-minded, instead of being at brutal odds with each other during negotiations.

Unfortunately, this past year has all the more illuminated to me the naughty monkey ways of several my competing agents.  There’s one in particular whom I’m convinced really enjoys getting under my skin in attempts to start a verbal battle.  Fortunately I’m now more fully in understanding of that person’s MO, so I simply don’t even “go there” anymore.  It’s all for the better sometimes to just keep still and continue walking away from fight pickers and pot stirrers.

My year-end accounting is coming all the closer to being wrapped up, and I dare say it’ll be a welcome relief.  Fortunately I only have to be chained to that project but once a year.  It’s amazing how many pieces of paper have to be sorted, logged, and then filed away.  Whomever came up with the Paper Reduction Act back in 1995 didn’t realize how many more laws would be passed and forms required to be completed since then.

I smile to myself from time to time when remembering how much more simple real estate sales were back when I became a Realtor.  Believe it or not, there was only one piece of paper for the sellers to sign when they listed their homes, and one piece of paper for the buyers along with the sellers to sign when it sold.  If you don’t believe me, I still have copies of those original documents if any of you would like to see them.  I’m just now wondering if there are any other seasoned agents still in possession of them.  Perhaps some day I’ll have them framed and placed on display at my office.

I was delighted when receiving a phone call this afternoon from one of my dear client/customers.  She was calling regarding some questions she had about the income tax reporting of the home she just sold.  After answering her questions, we quickly turned our conversation into a social visit.  For some reason, she has quite the ability to get me heartily laughing, when in turn, I reply with something all the more anecdotal.  We laughed about snakes, deer, bucks, workaholics, the flu, laryngitis, and dust mites. Quite the topics wouldn’t you say?   I told her before hanging up that she’s one of the very few who can really get me going, along with informing her, that calling me today, gave me some desperately needed belly laughs.  Just remember, laughter is one of our world’s best of medicines.

The above photo is one I took this morning of our newly-fallen snow at the back of my office.  Those sparkling flakes looked to be the tiniest of diamonds just waiting for me to reach down and pluck them from the snow.

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