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One of my customers stopped by to drop off a check early this afternoon.  He must’ve had some extra time to kill because of his extended stay.  Since we were seated up near the front window, he happened to notice a couple with several young children walking past my office.  I think that must’ve been his cue to bring up the subject of how differently children of today are being reared by their parents.

Evidently that change must be a great sore spot for him because he continued to bring up reasons why there are all the more of our young who’re being over-exposed to the evils of adulthood at very early ages to where they’ve become polluted or jaded far too soon before their minds are fully developed, which in turn creates future social issues for them when they’ve finally reached adulthood.

I agreed with him on nearly all his points, including how I believe many of the parents of those fractured children should be equally blamed for not providing their own insulation against all the many bad ideas and ways which always seem to be within easy reach of our young.  We can also blame the social medias for freely providing information on nearly anything and everything one could possibly consider.  Just remember, children are naturally curious, and when that curiosity drifts into forbidden territories, that’s when the drawbridges should be immediately pulled up by their caring parents–without exception.  Before he left, we both agreed that getting our society back into balance, will likely take years, and possibly even more than a generation or two.

Please don’t forget about my public open house I’m hosting tomorrow that’s located at 1034 Park Lane here in Mason City.  Now that the owner has moved everything out, it now looks all the more open and spacious, and I won’t be a bit surprised if there’ll be some solid interest tomorrow as long as we don’t get any more snow.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s priced right, considering it’s a newer 3+ bedroom ranch in one of our more desirable districts which also offers a double attached garage, a useable basement with a 3/4 bath, and a larger than normal fenced rear yard.  Please tell any of your friends and relatives who’re considering a change to stop on by.

I took a photo this morning of the above three flags flying over our County Courthouse.  The faint early sunlight made them appear to be glowing.  While looking at them it reminded me of that “Make America Great” slogan we’ve been seeing so much of this past year, which caused me to consider branding my own slogan that’s closer to home which is, “Let’s start making Iowa greatly better.”  You all know our work ethic is stellar, our natural resources are endless, and our educational systems are top drawer, so all we need do, is to all the more continually remind ourselves that the sky’s the limit with opportunities awaiting in our great State.

Joe Chodur

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