Eclipsing Super Blue Blood Moon

With that said, I’m finding quite a few more people dismissing past events more quickly than in decades past.  It’s no wonder if they are, considering the amount of information they’re being fed on a daily basis.  I can remember not so many years ago when the main pages of say MSN, AOL and Yahoo had just a handful of articles compared to now.  I understand those internet sites want to have something for nearly everyone’s interest, but I think they’ve gone a bit too far.  I’m beginning to wonder if the competition between those online sites has grown so great that they’re overloading the general public with volumes of news on a daily basis.

Just remember, what’s been said about being on the computer or smartphone too long every day.  It didn’t surprise me when reading more than once, that it can in time, create symptoms of anxiety and depression.  Personally, I consider the internet nothing more than a virtual library where hopefully non-fake information can be gathered.  I’ve told people that whenever finding something questionable on the internet, to then seek out and authenticate its validity whenever possible, rather than blindly considering it the Gospel truth.

While on my lunch break today I started reading a lengthy article about cyber warfare in the Economist which didn’t set very well with me. I’m now all the more convinced it’s more real than any in our general public want to admit.  As far as I’m concerned, China and Russia with their totalitarian regimes, are the big players in attempting to steal classified information from our democracy, along with polluting our thoughts with erroneous information.  It seems they’re attempting, and winning at gathering as much information about us, so to more fully know our strengths and weaknesses.  It sickens me to even consider how many inventions and designs they’ve stolen from our US of A already.

Every time a bank or company I do business with asks me if I would like to have e-statements sent to me rather than being mailed, I respond with an emphatic “No thank you.”  Of course this business with mobile banking which is being promoted by nearly every financial institution, is a ticking time bomb if you ask me.  So tell me, what will people do if our cell towers suddenly stop working?  And then comes the over-use of debit and credit cards.  Would you believe, while I was standing in line at the grocery store recently, I actually saw a man use a card to pay for the purchase of one of those disgusting little single serving lemon or cherry pies that cost maybe 75 cents or less?  I’m serious!  That’s all he purchased.

The above photo is one I took early this morning of our eclipsing super blue blood moon that was supposed to be in the process of an eclipse.  I read later today that our early morning event was a lunar event that hadn’t coincided for well over 100 years.  In truth, I didn’t know this was taking place when I took the above photo before dawn.  I just thought it interesting enough to share.   It doesn’t look quite like the photos I’ve seen of an eclipsing super blue blood moon, but the above photo is what the early morning workers would’ve noticed.  I do hope there won’t be too many naughty monkeys out and up to no good tonight.  Have yourselves a good rest of the evening.

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