Sing a Requiem

I’ve got pretty much everything ready for the two closings I have tomorrow. I did have a couple near last hour hiccups that could have been avoided, but at least we have everyone on board for tomorrow. Thank goodness everyone kept from spinning out of control.  Like I’ve said, “Too many cooks spoil the soup.”

For this Saturday’s public open house, I scheduled 122 – 11th St. SW to be open from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.  We’ve had good interest in it, but no takers as of yet.  It’s a great home for the money and certainly move-in ready.  If there’s one definite change in the way buyers view homes, it’s the way in which they seem to shy away from doing the slightest of repairs or improvements.  They only to want, and willing to pay more for, homes that are “move-in” ready.

I felt it necessary to share my feelings after seeing several young people interacting outside an apartment building near the Downtown today which I’ve wished had gone un-noticed.   While driving, I received an important phone call and felt it necessary to pull over so I could freely speak without distraction, but that idea was soon dismissed.

As I was visiting with my caller, I happened to notice an older vehicle pull up behind me with a man and woman in the front seat.  Instead of shutting their car off, the two seemed more curious about my vehicle being parked in front of them until alas the female got out of the passenger side.  Oh Mercy!  I’m fully aware that we’re all loved both great and small, but the size of that likely 18 – 20 year old young lady nearly took my breath away.  It wasn’t just her size, but the way she was dressed by wearing such tight-fitting clothes along with the way she had her hair tied up in a knot atop her head.  And of course, she was busying herself with a smartphone she was clutching.  For sure you’ll think me to be the most cruel by saying she looked like a female version of a Japanese sumo wrestler.

She stood by the entrance to that apartment building appearing to be waiting for someone to let her in.  Sure enough, out the front door came a scruffy young man dressed as though he’d just rolled out of bed.  He went over to the car parked behind me and crawled in for a moment or two, and then back to his “friend” at the front door.  It must’ve been around 2:00 pm this afternoon when this all took place, and after I finished my call and driving away I thought, “Those three were up to no good.” They were doing too much looking around including getting far too many glances at me.

I know I’ve preached about this much, but if we don’t do something in a very big way about the drug problem we have all across our Nation, we’ll be on an even faster one-way track down a very dark hole where we’ll never again see the light of day.  What makes me sad is knowing that if my prophesy happens, there’ll be no one left to sing a requiem for our once great Country.

Speaking of requiems, click on the link below to hear one of my favorites which was composed by Mozart for his deceased father.  Whenever I hear it, I’m moved to near tears and many goosebumps while listening to it.

Lacrimosa – Mozart requiem

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