It All Starts

Since I didn’t make it to a religious service yesterday due to my stacked appointments, I thought I’d go to an early service this morning.  Not realizing the time, I found myself in a bit of a hurry so to make it to a church’s early service before they started.

As always, while driving down Highway 122, I was caught by nearly every stoplight turning red.  After mindlessly waiting for three of them, and then being stopped by the fourth, I couldn’t believe hearing myself exclaiming, “Shite!”  To be such a potty mouth on a Sunday morning was nearly unforgivable.  It would have been more acceptable if I’d said, “Diese verdammten roten Lichter!”  Someone once said God is more forgiving of vulgar words as long as they’re spoken in a foreign language. Do you think that’s true?

I managed to get to their church before they started, while making sure I seated myself in an area most hidden from the general body of its brethren in attendance.  My main goal was to listen to all the readings, as well as spend a few moments in quiet personal reflection.

The music was average, but not so much to my liking because of their use of an electronic piano which I’ve always despised.  They sound “off” or “funny” to me for some reason.  After sharing my pygmy joke with you all, every time is consider something sounding or tasting funny, it think of it.  Shame on me for hearing and sharing that funny, yet memorable joke.

It’s a good thing I’m not personally acquainted with the pianist, because I would have encouraged him to only play, and not attempt to lead the congregation in song while playing.  His vibrato was over the charts.  As I’ve said may times, “Vibrato is like a strong spice, a little of it goes a long way.”

After listening to the pastor singing several hymns, I’d say with some intense vocal work, his voice could be transformed into something exceptionally pleasing to the ear.  The more I paid attention to his singing voice, the more I was impressed.  Likely their congregation has no idea what a marvelous natural tone he has.  He’s just one more example of all those un-polished gems we have living in North Iowa.

The rest of my day was spent catching up on reading, emails, and phone calls, along with preparing myself for the work-week ahead.  Since tomorrow is a National Holiday, I’m not sure if there’ll be much activity in real estate.  If it’ll be a slow day, I’ll be sure to find something to busy myself with during any dead times.

The above photo is also one I took yesterday.  I thought it worthy enough to share due to there being conflicting elements that seemed to balance each other.  The spire of one of our City’s churches being counter-balanced by the smoke rising from the cement plant was what I considered memorable.

So here we have a religious symbol along side an industrial symbol with Nature’s tree-tops below as their common base.  Looks to me like it all starts with Mother Nature.  Keep warm and safe.

Joe Chodur

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