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I absolutely could not believe how two people were dressed when arriving at a home they wanted to see.  Oh mercy!  They both appeared to have put back on the same dirty clothes they’d been wearing for at least this last week.  Since it was relatively early in the morning, they couldn’t have possibly got that dirty before the hour.  Seeing them, I was once again reminded how so many humans could care less how they appear in public.

Being brought up in a relatively strict and conservative household,  I’ll likely never get used to seeing some people dressing as they do while out and about.  Why in the world would anyone want to look as bad as possible to others?  Is it to invoke pity?  Is it laziness?  Or maybe it’s a reflection of how they inwardly feel about themselves.  My dear grandmother used to say, “We should always work at looking our best each and every day because it helps to maintain our self-esteem.”  I’ve also seen my share of grannies and gramps trying to dress trampy like some of our rebel teens.  It really isn’t a pretty sight.

Judging by the numbers in attendance, I’d say my public open house at 1034 Park Lane was a great success.  There were more than just one or two looking it over pretty closely.  It won’t surprise me if it’s sold before this next week is out.  I was sure to mention all the expensive recent updates that were made by the current owner.  There were even several people arriving about five minutes before closing time.

One of my scheduled duties tomorrow is to be St. Paul Lutheran’s accompanist for their morning Service.  I’ve pretty much got all the music they want played down pat, so hopefully all will go well.  I mustn’t forget my camera this time because I want to take a few more photos of their church’s interior–especially one or two of their beautifully carved wooden cross signifying the Risen Christ.

I received a touching thank you card from one of the people I sent a gift card to over the Holidays.  As I mentioned before, I only gave gifts to those few whom I considered deserving and/or needing.  The person who wrote the note is noticeably well read along with being one who’s done much for many in very quiet ways.

My first issue of “The Economist” arrived today which I ordered before Christmas as a gift to myself.  Just leafing thru it, I’m already thinking it’ll be one of the more useful gifts I’ve given myself.  I’ll have to leave the old issues up at the front table of my office for anyone in need of someone looking for a good read.  Here’s wishing your day tomorrow to be warm enough to freely venture out after enduring many days of dangerous temperatures.

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