If 1034 Park Lane had been listed before winter hit, I’m sure it would’ve been sold right out of the gates simply because of its location,  being a newer 3bedroom ranch with a double attached garage, and its pricing.  There were a number of similar homes that sold this past year which were in the same range which sold within days of being listed.  Hopefully the buyers will be out in full force tomorrow and it’ll get sold.

While working on some accounting entries, a gentleman I hadn’t seen for quite a number of months arrived with a few inquiries about rentals.  After answering his questions, we had a good chat about a number of recent happenings.  I’m finding all the more of our residents doing a sort of hunkering down by not being as normally interactive with our community.  I only wish there’d be more of our recently retired seniors actively seeking charity work so to get themselves out of their houses and putting their minds and bodies to work on civic-minded projects.

Once in a while I happen to drive past a home occupied by a couple who recently retired, and just recently I noticed they’d installed the most monstrous television that’s mounted on their living room wall which has been on whenever I happen to be driving down their street.  I guess they’re just another one of the statistics where couples retire, hole themselves up in their homes, sit around watching television while waiting for God.  It’s creep scary as far as I’m concerned, because I’d be ready to climb the walls if trapped inside my home all day with a monster TV continuously playing.  There are some I know who have to have a television on in their bedrooms all night just so they can sleep.  Now how did that get started?

Early this afternoon I went out to a clients home to go over a few items.  I was glad she called because I hadn’t personally seen her since announcing her pregnancy, and carrying twins mind you!  After we went over what was needed, I soulfully said to her, “Because I know you well enough, I’m convinced you’ll be a great mother.”   I couldn’t help but share a story with her about one of my dear sisters who chose not to have children in spite my badgering her when young regarding my belief she’d make a wonderful mother because of knowing how kind and gentle she was towards nearly every living thing.  I actually became a little teary-eyed while making comparisons.

After looking at my appointments scheduled for tomorrow, I’ll likely be a busy bee nearly the entire day.  That’s just fine by me because I’d rather be active during these cold and dark days rather than having the weights of time heavy on my hands.  Since I’m not one of those winter outdoorsy people, I have to find things to do within.  Wishing you all a warmly pleasant weekend!

Joe Chodur

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