Core of Consumerism

It seems that once a given person has been challenged from all sides for an extended period of time, there’s a mindsets that begin to form.  Each and every one of us are given to either take their well traveled “job” roads of life-living, or raise our sights to the other lessor most chosen option of stepping off our near life-long familiar paths and follow those “art” roads of living which are so often blocked by over-growth due to disuse. “Hey Buddy. You got a spare hatchet?”

In spite of our now being in the cold and darkness of January, I’ve made my choice, and I hope there’ll be others who also decide it’s time to walk a more artful path of living.  We really don’t have to allow ourselves to be burdened with fears that are mostly likely self-induced.

Several meetings I had with clients and customers today were part of my normal job, but I worked all the harder to make them light and memorable.  There’s nothing that loosens the ties that bind us more quickly than to either share a heartfelt story with someone, or listen to one being told by another.  Listening to, or sharing one’s own story, is permanently imbedded in our memory.  A very many of them are forgotten, but they’re still there in our subconscious where they’re remembered and resourced when necessary.

A dear one shared both happy and sad stories with me today.  They were life experiences that triggered similar memories of my own which I in turn spoke about. When I went to leave, I had a great sense that something uplifting and long-lasting just happened with the both of us. While driving back to my office I couldn’t help but wonder how many others there are living in our midst and around the world who’re silently crying out for someone to hear their life stories.

One of my long time client/customers mentioned today told how so very many of our  churches here in North Iowa’s are desperately in need of keyboardists.  The more communities of faith she mentioned that are lacking, all the more I became concerned about their needs.  I did mention to her my take on why this is happening.  I went on to say how I’ve noticed over these 20+ years a moving away of youngsters from music, and all the more choosing sports instead; and that trend is continuing to accelerate.

It all goes back to parents with children and their lack of encouragement towards something that does take much more time in training, but all the more rewarding for years to come. I’m sure our financially strapped parents are unwilling to fork out any more money than they already have in the rearings.  But it shouldn’t be that way because far too many have more gadgets that began going out of style shortly after they were removed from their packages. You must know, the core of consumerism is the encouraged mindlessness of spending.

I think it’s time we all start re-examining our priorities in life.  Do stay warm and a bit quiet, because you just might begin to hear the ringing of some far-off silver sleigh bells.

Joe Chodur

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