Three Ways

The sellers of my listing located at 1415 – 9th St. SE decided to lower their asking price so to get it sold more quickly, and I think it’s working because there’s already another showing scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.  For sure, it’s not your average cookie-cutter ranch home. Its extra roomy main floor family room with gas-log fireplace is a real bonus which pulls it far about the others in its price range.  Actually, now’s a good time to buy so you’re not having to compete with all the more numerous buyers that’ll be out once cabin fever hits North Iowa come February and March.

After looking at the national weather this morning, I was shocked to see what the Eastern Seaboard is going to be facing starting tomorrow.  I even heard that Florida for the first time in over 20 years, has already received a measurable amount of snow.  And here I was making fun our our snow birdies yesterday.  Shame on me.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be doing my first walk-thru of a home that I’ll be getting listed in the near future.  I’m excited about it because knowing the seller, I’m sure it’s in exceptionally good condition.  I truly enjoy listing spotlessly clean and well maintained homes.  They always seem to sell themselves.

After laboring a number of hours at getting a rental back up to speed, I’d say those that’ve already seen it before I started working on it would be amazed at what a good cleaning and minor repairs has done to it’s overall appeal.  Not to worry, yours truly is going to be compensated for those hours spent by that exited tenant who learned little if anything about preserving someone else’s property.  Too many tenants take un-authorized liberties while dis-regarding tenant/landlord rules.

While having a small job done today, one of the workers whom I’ve known for some time, proceeded to tell me about an inspirational video he watched over his lunch hour today.  He went on to say that the host was cutting to the quick when speaking about the millennials and their juniors.  He said nearly all the un-necessary problems they’re having are the parents’ fault because they spoiled them.  Everyone expects their child to get some sort of prize for weak participation.  Those cell phones that they’re glued to on a daily basis are more addictive than smoking, alcohol, and most recreational drugs.  I was adding my comments while he was relaying the host’s message to where he stopped and said, “You’ve already seen it haven’t you?”  I smiled and replied, “Those are facts I’ve been well aware of for quite some time.”  What I did add was all the more thought provoking for him by saying, “Now just think what our world will be like after their children are grown.”  I don’t even want to consider what society will be like unless there are some big societal changes made.

As chance would have it, I read a quote from Fred Rogers which made me smile inside which goes, “There are three ways to ultimate success.  The first way is to be kind.  The second way is to be kind.  The third way is to be kind.”  Coming from the man who captivated millions of our young with his television program, I’d say he was very much on track to ultimate success.  It’s unfortunate today’s world is very much lacking in kindness.  Keep warm and remember how a little kindness can melt even deeply frozen hearts.

Joe Chodur

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