First Day Back

With this frigid spell hanging on so long, I’m becoming all the more envious of our little snow birdies who’re likely sipping margaritas out around pools somewhere in Florida or Arizona while checking their smart phones to see how cold it is here so to give them all the more reason for leaving North Iowa.  In spite of that, I’m still not to the point of wanting to buy in those areas due to weather issues those States have to endure at other times of the year, and their giant bugs. I’ve always thought it nice to be able to be gone for at least two or three weeks during the brutally cold weeks.

Since it’s supposed to be warmer this coming Saturday, our office decided to have two public open houses that day from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.  There’ll be one at 103 – 27th St. SW, and another at 1034 Park Lane.  Both are priced to sell so make sure to stop by and have a look.  When seeing how low our real estate inventories are in North Iowa, it won’t surprise me if we’re going to have a real shortage once Spring arrives.  Perhaps some of the rental barons will decide to sell some of their better houses since prices are still strong. There sure have been all the more first-time investors entering our market lately.  As much as I’d rather see it go to an owner-occupant, 20 – 9th St. NE is priced so low that it’s now in reach of what investors would pay.

One of my well-knowns from out of State called this morning to wish me a Happy New Year.  We brought each other up to speed regarding happenings in each other’s lives, and we somehow ended up on the subject of tribalism which is becoming more talked about on television.  We both agreed how the extremes of tribal mentality would send the world back into the dark ages where there’d be un-ending wars, closed borders, and mini fiefdoms dotting our countries. I’d say Chechnya is a prime example of what’s in store for us if this mentality doesn’t stop.  Seeing all the more unrest on nearly every continent, it’s not surprising to see how many societies are regressing.  Isn’t it strange how people can change their thinking in the midst of our age of information overload?  Whatever happened to all those reasonable minds that kept the masses from killing each other?

In truth, the bulk of my day was spent trying to keep warm along with those normal first of the month duties.  Having believed I’d prepared myself before the New Year arrived for entries to be made come 2018, I somehow forgot to have another journal created which I’ve placed into use each and every year.  So far, that was the only thing I’d over-looked.

With it being my first day back to work in our new year, I’d say business should now start getting back to normal.  I’ll wager nearly everyone’s glad the Holidays are now over and the job of normal living has returned.

Joe Chodur

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