Therefore I Am

Nearly my entire day was spent cleaning a rental unit that was vacated the end of November.  The more I cleaned, the more I found in need of cleaning.  I hadn’t expected to be doing any soul-cleansing today, but after getting a closer look at it yesterday, I figured today would be the best un-interrupted time to get it done.

It may sound like I’m bashing our younger generation, but there’s a thread or “chain” of truth when speaking about how many in that 20 – 35 age simply not knowing, or aren’t willing to learn how to keep their living quarters clean.  It’s no wonder there are so many in that age group who’re overweight and seem to get sick more often than they should.

As I mentioned to someone earlier today, “Kitchens and bathrooms are where germs breed, and yet those two areas are the most ignored.”  A wet rag over a surface is not what I consider to be an act of cleaning.  It’s just an attempt to keep the loose stuff from building up. No matter how many times I remind tenants to make sure their ovens are clean before moving out, they’re nearly always in need of a deep cleaning.

I’ve come to the conclusion there are two main reasons for their chronic inability to keep their surroundings clean.  Firstly, I’d say their parents waited on them too much or they’re possibly mirroring their morphic ways.  And secondly, nearly everyone in that age group are too much tied to their being “engaged” with every type of media they can find which eats up hours, days, and weeks of real productivity.  I personally know some who’d swear they spend no more than two hours a day with their medias, but in reality, there are many more hours spent than they’ll ever admit.  I call it being, “sucked in” to another world where they become hard-core spectators where all external stimuli are suppressed; thus creating “real-time” zombies.

For sure there are many sociologist in the midst of extended debates regarding what direction humanity as we know it, is moving.  About a week ago I read an article likely written by one of them who spoke about how tribalism is on the rise around the globe.   The examples the author was giving, certainly sent some shivers down my spine along with seeing in my mind’s eye some blinking red lights of danger ahead.

If you consider the core of tribalism, you’ll discover there’s nearly no room for debate within.  It’s either accept a given tribe’s rules, or head for the highway–quickly.  I’ve already been seeing the signs of it happening over these past 5 – 10 years in our community.  There are far too many who know a great deal about a little, but very little about much.  This lack of knowledge adds credence to a given tribe’s weak beliefs.  Of course we can’t forget about all the fake news that’s being spread while herds of humans feed upon it daily.  As I’ve insisted, “Just because you’ve read it on the internet, social medias, or even on television, DOES NOT necessarily make it true.”

While cleaning today, I began thinking about knowledge and the dangers it holds if not handled carefully.  I’ve come to the conclusion that yes, knowledge is power, but that so-called “power” must be verified by checking each and every “link” of a given knowledge which subsequently became a truth.  When you think about it, truth is only supported by knowledge.  If you start following the links of knowledge of a certain truth you’ve held dearly, it’ll be interesting to find how many weak or broken “links” you’ll discover.  I’m likely starting to sound like Descartes whose famous words were, “I think, therefore I am.”

Hopefully, I’ve given you some food for thought on this cold winter’s night.  Stay warm.

The above photo is one I took yesterday which I thought worthy of being shared.

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