Formidable Force

Formidable ForceJust another one of those rare days happened where it seemed where anything that could possibly reach its time of planned obsolescence, it did.  From a furnace component going out, a car battery going dead, and even an internet service suddenly deciding to no longer offer a tried and true service.  It’s amazing how much time and frustration a day can be filled with when confronted from all sides.  Oh well, I did get thru it without getting too hot under the collar.

Once again I was reminded today how some believe that just because I have graying hair, I’m either illiterate to modern technology, or incapable of remembering what someone said regarding what they can and cannot do.  I’m sorry to say I could likely run circles around many who are half my age when it comes to time management and problem solving.  Sometimes I deeply wish every cell phone in the world would die for about 21 days to where the masses would finally realize that they’re the ones that are slaves to technology.  Someone actually had the nerve to tell me in a not so kidding way that I’m still living in the 19th and 20th Centuries.  I let it pass but sent it to “save” in my long term memory.

With there being only two more business days remaining to 2017, I was also busying myself with end of the year bill paying, tax paying, and sending off charitable contributions.  Someone once said that if it doesn’t hurt a little when giving, then we’re not giving enough.  I’ve always been a big proponent of freely giving because I’m convinced it helps to keep us from becoming all the more selfish in our world of greed.  It’s really becoming quite the socially acceptable mindset of taking all we can from the world, but not giving a pfennig back.  In truth, no strings attached giving is what keeps our souls healthy and our brains and hands working and building.

A young man I’ve known for some years who I see working around town, stopped for a moment or two at my office to tell me he broke one of his molars while eating some sausage he purchased at a local grocery store.  I couldn’t help but say, “Oh, you must’ve bit into a piece of bone.”  Of course that’s what it was while proceeding to tell me that when inspecting the rest of it, he found several other pieces.  I brought him up to speed how in todays automated world of food processing, the bone saws they use are high speed and often times throw splinters of bone into the meat they’re cutting up.  He was surprised to hear it had also happened to me a few years ago, but fortunately it just broke only the top corner of a molar.  With that said, be all the more careful how you handle processed and cuts of meat, and always thoroughly wash anything that’s got a bone in it because there could be small pieces lodged in what you believe to be such beautiful cuts.

One of my dear friends who’s staying part of the winter out West sent a message today regarding how wonderful the area is where she’s staying and how progressive their community is. I couldn’t help but agree with her when she said how much worse Mason City is when comparing the two.  Her biggest concern is the growing drug problem we have in North Iowa along with the rising number of rental barons who could care less who they rent to as long as they get their monthly payments.  All I could say was, “I’m hoping that our new up-and-coming generation of high-reaching young will start making a big difference in many small ways.  I’ve spoken to a few already with such mindsets, and I believe they’ll become a very positive yet formidable force to be reckoned with in the months and years ahead.

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