The Best Medicine

The Best Medicine-1Most of my morning was spent working with a young buyer who’s looking for something in our true “entry level” price range.  Since we’re finding all the more investors buying up cheaper priced homes in North Iowa, we now have fewer available in that range.  His parents were along, so to make it much easier to talk about the most important features; namely the structural components and mechanicals rather than focusing on cosmetics.

The first home I showed them was quirkily funked up where there was a door leading outside which no longer had any steps–simply a drop down to the driveway.  I think if I were its owner, I would permanently seal-off that door for fear some youngster would inadvertently get thru it and have a serious hard landing on the driveway below.  The more we looked, the more they realized it just wasn’t going to be a fit for him.  The next one up was a home I had listed about 10 years ago which sold relatively quickly after I placed it on the market.  It has changed hands several times since then, but at least it’s still a solid home with a few more mechanical updates.  We were there for quite some time looking at possibilities for changing the bathroom and kitchen  configurations.  It likely worked for the people who had it built, but times have changed, along with our general public’s tastes.  After looking at all possible upgrades, we came up with changes that could easily be made in time so to make it more functional.  I’m pretty sure they fully appreciated my straight-forward approach to showing them homes.  There’s no question our general public is getting pretty tired of unctuous words and canned responses from salespeople.

It felt a bit funny not having a public open house today since I have one nearly every Saturday, but I thought it would be a bit much to have one today and another one tomorrow.  Instead, I changed my clothes and went back to work on my little long-term project for about three hours.  Whenever I’m fully focused on what I’m doing, I find time moving all the more quickly.  Thank goodness I looked at my watch when I did, or I would’ve missed going to another late afternoon church service.  Either I’m getting overly critical of readers and singers, or there’s a growing lack of consideration towards a general congregation’s participation.   Oh Mercy!  The readers were stumbling within sentences and nearly all the music was again filled with syncopation, along with the leader of song possessing a noticeably piercing voice.  I couldn’t believe how few people were singing.  Each time a hymn was announced and then started, you could see a noticeable many closing their books.  It’s really unfortunate–especially during our Season of Advent.

Realizing I was in need of a few groceries, I stopped at the store on my way home to pick up a few things.  When I went to the check-out, there stood one of the gentlemen most of us have seen around town who must be either a professional or semi-professional who enjoys riding one of those big bikes with really fat tires.  Since it was in the mid-40s and windless today, he must’ve decided to take an afternoon in the countryside. As I came closer, I noticed he had part of a deer antler sticking out of his big pouch  while also seeing he was buying a six pack of giggle water.  Wicked me couldn’t keep myself from saying in a matter of fact fashion, “Looks like you’re gonna get horny tonight.” Goodness!  He and the clerk got a knee-jerk and honest-to-goodness belly laugh out of my simple observation.

After recovering from what I said, he plaintively said, “Believe it or not, considering all the times I’ve been out biking in the country, I’ve never before come upon one until today.”  Again I couldn’t help myself by saying, “Well, it must be your cue to finally get a little horny”.   More laughter from the two of them while I remained poker-faced.  After he walked out I said to the clerk, “Don’t you think laughter is truly the best medicine?”  She giggled and said, “Absolutely!  I try to laugh as much as possible.”  We really do need more all natural laughter in these overly politically correct times.  By the way, his horns were small and likely from a young buck who thought headlights were spotlights meant to start shining on him.

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