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Fake News-1Ouch!  The cold was pretty darned biting early this morning while on my way to work.  Just 10 more days left, and the sun will have finished with its march south and then slowing working itself back north again.  I’ll be glad of that because I absolutely hate going to work in the dark as well as coming home in the dark.

One of my dear clients stopped by my office this morning with some absolutely yummy Christmas cookies and candy.  Since the phones weren’t ringing off the wall, we were able to have a good long chat.  It’s alway refreshing to converse with like-minded people who have broad knowledge and willing to freely share.  One subject upon which we visited, was about the growing numbers of corporate hog confinements that are being built all over Iowa.  Our State government really must put a stop to that or we’ll soon be finding our water sources depleted, our streams and rivers polluted, and our soil contaminated with trace chemicals which they’re either injecting the hogs with, or feeding them.  Not long ago a young man who works on one told me about a very scary injection they give hogs a few days before they’re sent to the slaughter house.  And to think the FDA gave it a green light knowing what it does to those animals–and we’re eating their meat!

About two weeks ago Aldi’s was offering for sale small packets of somewhat expensive pre-sliced sausage which was imported from I believe Spain.  Since I normally don’t buy hard sausage because it tastes “funny” to me, I figured I’d give what Aldi’s was selling a try.  I made myself the most wonderful little sandwiches consisting of that sausage, a very sharp white all-natural cheddar cheese, a leaf of organic Romaine lettuce, and locally baked hard rye bread.  Just speaking that epicurean experience at that time just now, is making my mouth water.  No wonder everything tastes “funny” anymore because most of it is neither naturally grown nor chemical free.  I think my friend today was right when saying, “Because of all the rampant greed and hatred in our world, God is allowing us to slowly kill ourselves.”

Another subject we were on today was the growing demand for Downtown apartments above our few remaining historic storefronts.  I fully agreed with her because I personally know there are people waiting in line for those few good ones.  Our young professionals are very much into living Downtown, and willing to pay a hefty price per square foot premium to live in one.  I’ve personally seen plans of some that would knock most tenants socks off if there were ever to be built.

Late this afternoon I placed a call to a familiar regarding the direction our local media has been turning of late along with how I’m hearing all the more people saying how they don’t even bother to pay much attention to locally reported news.  The half truths, the bashings, the personally bias thinking, and that ever present wallowing in the miseries of others has grown beyond sickening.  I was quite surprised to find my words being mirrored with her very thoughts and beliefs.  If I were “the power that be” with reporters and editors, I’d be demanding they get back to those long ago established reporting standards and stop trying to create feeding frenzies with our half-informed and gullible general public. Without a doubt, fake news is alive and well in Iowa’s last outpost before entering the borders of the Peoples Republic of Minnesota.

Joe Chodur

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