13 Days and Counting

13 Days and Counting-1Here we are again with another day of wind.  I’m beginning to believe this year will go down as being our windiest on record.  While I was back at my menial project for over four hours yesterday, my mind was wandering from subject to subject until I started thinking about these near endless days of wind.  It popped into my mind that perhaps besides global warming, there could be other causes for these noticeable changes in our weather.  Do you think all those giant wind turbines that are sprouting up nearly everywhere in the upper Midwest are having an effect?  Or could it be something more sinister and far-reaching like the rapidly retreating permanent ice sheets that are melting at an alarming rate on our polar caps?  Whatever it is, or combination thereof, is creating a cause for alarm.

I didn’t have any home showings scheduled today, so I busied myself with current sales and bill paying.  One of the bills I paid today has given me all the more reason to believe we need more good and reputable companies that service appliances.  This past month has been a near comedy of errors with one of our local appliance companies.  Two different times they were called to make repairs and when they arrived, they didn’t follow instructions, and subsequently creating another service call.  I wasn’t the most pleasant while on the phone with one of their clerks this afternoon.  I truly understand planned obsolescence, but for something that’s only two years old breaking down is a bit much.

This coming Sunday, I’ve decided to have another public open house at Prairie Place on 1st.  We had a good turnout last month, so perhaps there’ll be another group of interested buyers.  I’ve found the best form of advertising on those units has been the current residents telling friends and relatives.  Last week, I sent several copies of listings to relatives of mine whom I believe would be ready for something better in their golden years.  Just recently I sent a birthday card to a near retirement age colleague saying, “Every age has its beauty as long as we look for it and then reach for it, because I ain’t gonna go backwards.”  We must all come to that stark realization that our past is dead, and in our ultimate best interest, to just keep moving forward.

One of my well knows called me early this morning just to ask how I was doing since we’d last spoken.  I was touched by the call because that person rarely if ever takes the initiative to personally inquire.  It’s nice to know there are those in my life who really do care rather than the with their nasty cob-weby strings attached.  Perhaps out in our general public there’s the beginnings of an awakening to where many are now realizing that we must place more concern on each other instead of ourselves.

After today, I believe all my Christmas shopping for this year is finished.  There are those select few in my life now who I give something tangible.  The gift I’m giving one will likely bring tears of joy, but isn’t that supposed to be one of the Sprits of Christmas–freely giving to those in need?  After looking at the calendar today, we’ve got 13 days and counting remaining until that special day arrives.

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