Along This Dark Road

Along This Dark Road-1The best laid plans of mice and men certainly came to mind once again this morning where a specific duty was scheduled to be done after much chiding and arguing over when it was supposed to be performed days before.  Well, as chance would have it, after meeting that tradesperson to perform that little mountain made out of a mole hill job today, the tool that was to be used suddenly decided to quit working.  Was I angry? Absolutely not because it was just another confirmation that what could have, would have, and should have been done earlier, wasn’t, so this was yet one more reminder of how annoying little things can mushroom into large annoyances.  The moral of this story is to never put off until tomorrow what you can and should do today.

I happened to have the opportunity to have a nice chat with an old school mate whom I haven’t seen in very long time.  It was a little awkward for him at first because of the great number of years that have passed since we last spoke.  He soon grew comfortable visiting with me after he realized I had absolutely no hidden agendas or pre-conceived notions.  I was quick to mention how little he’d changed over the years.

I was happy to hear he’s enjoying the city where he moved some years ago which is well over two hours from here.  Yours truly did keep still about the changes that have taken place in our City since he moved away.  After telling me where he lived, and how much he likes it there, I’ll have to do some research on that city’s demographics.

A young gentleman whom I did some rental work for this past summer called this afternoon to visit about looking for a home to purchase next year.  Not long into our conversation, I remembered how darned nice he is.  I couldn’t help but tease him a little by telling him he should be cloned and spread around North Iowa.  For the strangest reason, I consider him one of those people whom you’d swear was a time traveler who transported himself out of the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. Could it have been because he’d grown fond of our Coke-a-Cola? His work ethic is exceptional, but above all, he’s genuinely polite, because I can nearly always tell when someone is being unctuous with me.  Without resign, I do wish the absolute best for him.

After I hung up, I remembered one of our conversations this past summer regarding the concept of getting ahead in life.  We both agreed that far too many in these times are on a burn to obtain great wealth as quickly and easily as possible to where they’ve unknowingly compromised their standards.There have been far too many who’ve whittled themselves down to where they’re on par of shysters.

I also recalled saying back then, “Why can’t people make money the old fashioned way to where they earn it in an honest fashion?” He did mention at the time how he’d noticed all the more people in his age group compromising their integrities when chasing after free for the taking bucks.

It’s most unfortunate to find more of our role models dying off and all the fewer left to step into their shoes and carry their lamps of inspiration.  You see, real role models are not carrying their long torchlights of enlightenment to glorify themselves, but rather to hold them high as “beacons” of understanding for others so they can find their way along this dark road we call life.

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