Burning Hearts

Burning Hearts-1It seems I’ve spent far more time in my vehicle these last three days to where I suddenly noticed late this afternoon my need to get another fill-up. It’s funny how numerous little drives can burn gas faster than a long road trip. After seeing many familiar people I encountered today appearing weathered and worn, I was beginning to wonder if it was me, or the weights of work, weather, and home life were taking noticeable tolls on them. Yes, I know we’re all growing older along with being colder, but at least we should make the best of it don’t you think?

An office worker just recently celebrated her birthday and was speaking about how one of her people said she looked far younger. She was quick to add he was likely just trying to butter her up with such compliments. I smiled at her and said, “You really don’t look your age, and I’ve also noticed over these years how well you take care of yourself.” I believe I left her a bit speechless which also gave me time to add, “Most people secretly wish to be younger, but I don’t because I’ve learned that every age has its beauties as long as we look and reach for them.” She actually agreed by saying, “I’ve never wanted to be younger than I am.” It appears there still are some forward-thinking level-headed people amongst us who are looking ahead instead of behind.

One of my past customers called and asked if I would have time to go out and take a look at a home belonging to one of his aging relatives. Fortunately I had time to do a walk-thru with him, and just as we were stepping out I said, “If this home is priced right, it’ll likely be sold in less than a week if our market conditions remain as they have been.” He didn’t believe me at first, so I pulled out some recent sales of home’s in its general neighborhood which fully confirmed my opinion. Yes, there are certain types of homes and price ranges which we’re greatly lacking in our inventories.

Have you ever noticed how grown and seemingly intelligent adults will do exactly the opposite from what you’ve requested over numerous times? Say for instance, a neighbor of yours decides to walk his dog across your lawn as simply a short cut to a side street, and after you’ve kindly asked him not to do it, he continues. Or let’s say there’s another chap who finds it internally funny while continuing to use toxic words in your presence after you’ve told him more than once that you find them vulgar as well as dis-respectful. I’m sure you can think of similar mindsets.

My take on this type of behavior is an even more darker form of insult than if you would’ve had a knock-down drag-out fight. These happenings continue because those people are doing everything they can to pull you down to their levels, so if and when they do, they’ll be the first to loudly cry, “See! Now that’s the real lurking devil coming out in her or him!” It’s unfortunate there are many who’ve not progressed past their third-grade school-yard mentalities. The holding of grudges, the underminings, the defiant acts, and above all, the self-hatreds being justified and popularized to the point of being just OK. Why? Because they’ve allowed themselves to copy rather than create. One thing I’ve noticed these past twenty years or so, is the desire of many to copy instead of creating. What have any of you created from an inspiration of late?

There’s always going to be that “balance/counter-balance” in society, but my fear is that those burning hearts belonging to really good and creative people are dying out, and quickly being replaced by those possessing hearts of stone. If this trend continues, we’ll quietly find ourselves having been kicked back into the Dark Ages.

And now, I want you all to investigate what Age followed, and don’t peek!

Joe Chodur

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