Another Year’s Cycle

Another Year's Cycle-1One of my morning appointments was at an acreage, and before I left the office, I grabbed my gloves and stocking hat just it case it would be colder than expected out there.  It was a good thing I had them because it wasn’t but a few minutes after stepping out of my vehicle, I was walking back to my car and grabbing them.  Most city dwellers have no idea how different the temperatures can be in the countryside–especially when the wind is blowing and creating a wind chill.

Since I’ve been acquainted with the buyer’s parents since I was in high school, we had a few good laughs about how times have changed.  I said to one of the buyer’s children, “I’ve known your grandfather since I was about your age.”  He looked and me, and then back to his grandfather for some sort of acknowledgement.  His grandfather finally replied, “Yup, he’s right.  We’ve know each other since junior high.”  After everyone had their full tour, we played catch up on happenings within each other’s families.  As with everyone’s, there are job changes, births, deaths and everything else in between. I was sad to hear about one member of his family whom I always thought to be delightful, having come down with a chronic disease which has created a life change for him.  Seems the nicest ones carry the heaviest of crosses.

My public open house at Prairie Place on 1st was a great success today with the number of truly interested people in attendance.  It won’t surprise me in the least bit if there’ll be three or four of them who’ll end up buying one.  It’s never been difficult for me to market those units simply because I personally like the whole concept, including the location.  While there, I had an opportunity to visit with several of the recent purchasers.  I wasn’t afraid to ask them how they liked living there because I already knew the answer was going to be, “We love it!”

There were several elderly single gentlemen in attendance who also liked what they were seeing.  I personally know one of them, and pretty darned sure he can well afford living there.  He’s yet another one of our residents whom if you passed on the street, you’d be convinced he didn’t have two nickels to rub together.  That’s why I threw stereotyping clients and customers out the window years ago, because you never know for sure until you know the rest of their stories.

One of my well knowns called late this afternoon to tell me one of his very best friends  friends passed away yesterday.  He was feeling pretty down and I think the reason he called was just to have someone listen, so I did.  One thing I relayed, was the assurance that there would always be that “hole” in his heart, and the sooner he’s able to accept it, the easier it will be for him to adjust.  Too often people who’ve lost very dear friends or relatives, think there’ll be able to be the same person after their grieving process is over.  Well, it’s normally not–especially if their decedents were exceptionally close for many years.

After hanging up I couldn’t help reminding myself that Fall is normally Mother Nature’s time to end yet another year’s cycle of birth, growth, and death.  Perhaps that’s why I tell everyone my most favorite seasons are Spring and Summer.  I’ll never understand in a million years why there are those who prefer Fall and Winter.  What’s your favorite?

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