Fruits of their Labors

Fruits of their LaborsAlas the wind went down and later this afternoon the skies cleared.  I’m sure everyone was beginning to wonder if winter not only arrived early, but decided to stay.  At least it didn’t get as cold as predicted which may have saved some of the “cold crop” vegetables people have planted in their gardens.

Speaking of gardens, I was very disturbed when reading an article on one of the major news sites about the claims against Monsanto regarding their safety testing of Roundup herbicide.  As many years as that’s been widely used, it looks like there may be a huge lawsuit against them for possibly falsifying or altering their studies.  I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it is indeed carcinogenic and perhaps the missing key to why so many more people in farming areas are getting cancer.

Nobody seems to know why the nearly always fatal pancreatic cancer is so much on the rise.  Keep in mind, back say 30 or more years ago, that type of cancer was rare and usually hit the very old.  Now even the younger ones are getting it which is all the more alarming.  I’ll never forget the young golf pro employed by the Country Club who was as healthy as a horse yet he also came down with it and died.  The few times I talked to him, he was an absolute gentleman and very well liked.

What surprised me the greatest was reading that Roundup is used to do a quick kill of potatoes along with other plants so to make the harvesting of them easier.  I don’t think I’ll be buying very many commercially grown potatoes in the future.  It’s no wonder the demand for organically grown fruits and vegetables are increasing.  I sure wouldn’t want to eat something that’s been recently sprayed by heaven knows how many chemicals.  Have you every seen anyone, especially the younger generation, thoroughly washing fruits and vegetables that were purchased in a grocery store?  Too many assume that just because it looks clean, it’s safe to eat. This is a link to that article… Monsanto Faces Blowback Over Cancer Cover-Up

Like my recent joke about why pygmies don’t eat clowns, I won’t eat most things if they taste “funny” after my first bite.  For years I refused to eat oleo margarine because it tasted “funny”, along with a list of other odd tasting foods that others would freely eat with smiles on their faces.  There’s no question in my mind I was spoiled when a child by the wholesome good food that was served which most times was naturally raised or grown on our farm.  For years I wouldn’t eat chicken because it also tasted “funny” until they started selling natural chicken in the stores.  Believe me, there is a difference once you’ve eaten something that’s been naturally grown and chemical free.

To my delight, there were people nearly the entire time at my public open house I hosted today at 217 – 6th St. SW.  I even squeezed in a private showing of the condominiums at Prairie Place on 1st. I’m hoping tomorrow’s open house there at 320 – 1st St. NE will bring more interested buyers over 55 so we can get the remaining empty units filled.

What a great personal Christmas present it would make for those who’ve worked so very hard all their lives for what they have.  They’re not just an investment, but also a great place to enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Joe Chodur

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