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Still on TrackWhat an absolutely beautiful day it was today!   Believe me, I was savoring every moment I could while outdoors.  I’m going to be a little sad when I have to go and dig up my row of geraniums and hang them back up for the Winter in the basement of my office.  If they could speak they’d be saying, “Why do you have to hang us in that chilly darkness along with being upside-down like bats for so many months?”  If they only knew I’m giving them their much needed period of rest so they can grow all the bigger and stronger next year.  Those particular geraniums are a more vibrant red which you don’t normally find.  Most of them you see around town are of the reddish-orange type.

Hopefully I’ll have my new listing signed up tomorrow and it’ll get sold more sooner than later due to there being a shortage of moderately priced homes in our City.  In these recent years there’ve been invisible lines drawn by buyers who’ve decided they’d rather not live in certain districts.   The first-time buyers are becoming all the more savvy about doing plenty of research on given neighborhoods before even looking.  The internet has volumes of statistics such as number of police calls, home ownership versus investor owned, and the list goes on.  They’re even all the more cautious if they have young children who want to run out and play with other neighborhood kiddies.

As it was approaching lunchtime, I decided to stop at one of our Downtown coffee shops to grab a cup of coffee to take back to the office.  When I walked in I noticed a professional couple I knew seated having coffee, so instead of heading back to the office, I decided to play catch up with the two of them.  We touched on nearly every subject, and by the time we were getting ready to leave, I thanked them immensely for including me.  They were clients and customers of mine a very long time ago and are still living in that grand home I sold them back when I was very much younger.

One thing we talked about was in the back of my mind the remainder of the day which was regarding true friends being all the harder to find these days.  It seems a rarity to find related as well as non-related people remaining true to each other for many years.  It seems in these times, the first time there’s a bump in the road with one, the other will bolt and be off looking for another fair weather friend.  I did mention today how special a very long term friendship is because they’ve shared highs and lows, joys and sorrows, and even the meta-physical evolution that takes place over the years.  My take on real friends are those who selflessly accept each other for who they are, wish each other the absolute best, speak truthfully to each other, and above all, maintain their relationship without any invisible strings or hooks attached.  That’s my definition of a genuine friendship.  Now tell me. What’s yours?

I bumped into a familiar today whom I’ve always considered to be one of likely five of the most intelligent people I personally know.  We visited for a bit about this and that, when suddenly he said while looking around, “I’ve been noticing all the more people in our City who are of a lower socio-economic level than I’ve ever seen in all the years I’ve lived here.”  He went on to ask if it was just Mason City, or if it’s also a State and National problem.  All I dared say was, “Do your due diligence, and afterwards, you may be all the more concerned.”

Having those conversations today was not just a lifting up for me, but also a confirmation that some of us are still on track with reality.

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