Extended Bad Dreams

Extended Bad Dreams-1First thing this morning I had another “soft landing” closing on one of my listing that another agent sold.  Everything went all more smoothly than I’d expected.  Just before we finished, someone happened to bring up the subject of ghosts.  Perhaps with it growing closer to Halloween is why it was brought up.  With that said, the spirit subject got all the more expanded to where we were sharing some personal hair-raising stories between us.  Of course yours truly topped them all by recalling my experiences while at an acreage about 20+ years ago.  Yes, there’s more that we don’t know than we do when it comes to happenings in our world which defy logic and all known natural laws.  I hope I didn’t plant any seeds this morning that are now growing into bad dreams tonight for that agent, along with everyone else within earshot of my absolutely true story.

For it being a Holiday, it was pretty busy most of the day at the office.  I was delighted to have received calls from several sellers who are wanting to get their homes on the market.  The one I’ll be listing mid-week is an in-town home that’s got a great floor plan along with being situated on an exceptionally beautiful piece of land.  If there are still buyers out there, it should sell all the more sooner than later.  I’m really hoping it does because the sellers are really delightful people.  I truly enjoy working with down to earth and darned good clients and customers.  When all goes as well and even better with people like them, it gives me a super high that’s sustaining.

Another listing call came from a couple whom I’ve known for a very many years.  As it is with everyone, the weights of time and long years of life comes a-calling for change in living arrangements and lifestyles.  I’m always all the more patient with the elderly who’ve begrudgingly decided it’s time to make much needed changes.  It’s also understandable whenever I find them a bit demanding and short-fused whenever talking about timelines.  For them it can be considered not just a daunting physical task,  but also a psychological downer in knowing there’ll soon be a separation, not just from their home, but also from those familiar people and places they’ve grown attached to for decades.  And nearly always, there are many tears being shed when closing their front doors for the last time.  Like my Grandmother used to say, “The one thing you can be sure of in life is change.”  Change can be good or bad depending upon how you view it.

So many times agents try to keep the buyers and sellers from being at closing tables which may be OK for some situations, but for many, it doesn’t create a soft closure for those long-time owners of their homes–especially if it’s buyers are a lovely young couple with small children.  Meeting the new owners of long-term owners’ homes puts real faces and voices to those names who’ll be re-opening their front doors.  Just recently I had an exceptionally emotional seller who wasn’t the happiest until she met the buyer’s young family at the closing table.  It wasn’t long before her sadness was turned to joy when seeing excited youngsters belonging to the buyers of her home.  Like a miracle, all became good.

Later today a client shared a story about some unfortunate things that’ve been happening in his life.  From what I gathered, he’s been getting bombarded by un-necessary demands from distant relatives.  I assured him it’s all part of the process when dealing with people who “think” they know what should or shouldn’t be done in nearly every situation.  What made me all the more sad about his troubles is when he said, “They’ve knowingly created extended bad dreams for me, and surely getting their belly-jollies out of it.”  I took a deep breath and said, “Just remember, what goes around, comes around and karma is always watching and waiting for its time to set things aright.”  I’m hoping my words will help to break his string of extended bad dreams.

Joe Chodur

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