Beyond the Clouded Glass

Beyond the Clouded GlassAs I was expecting, my closing today was not the soft landing I had earlier hoped for considering I’d done nearly everything possible to create such a landing.  Without pointing fingers or laying blame, that’s all I can say is that there are those whose expectations far exceed what would be expected while working under very short time frames.  Oh well, the buyers have their new home, and the sellers have their money and life goes on.  At least my sellers were more than understanding regarding the last minute accommodating changes that had to be made.

After that closing this morning, I was able to get back to business and start working at closings coming up these next weeks.  I’d been noticing a bit of a lull in our market these past several weeks, but today I was called by two separate buyers I’ve been working with to show them properties.  The one they’re looking at tomorrow may possibly be the home that’ll trip their triggers.  Fortunately they’re loyal enough to where I don’t worry about them being snatched away from me by a competitor.

While waiting for a buyer to arrive this afternoon, the other agent in my office and I witnessed quite the unfortunate “comedy” going on across the street.  There walked four grown men carrying bags of stuff, and one of them even had a sleeping bag thrown over his shoulders.  Just as they walked in front of the Kirk Apartments, it started to pour down rain.  The guy with the sleeping bag went a little bonkers by throwing down the portable sleeping compartment, took of some of his outerwear off and then turned toward the sky and yelled with both arms stretched out and up with middle fingers pointing towards the heavens.  I actually could hear him yelling, “F@#k You!” several times. Now those weren’t very nice statements to be directing towards Mother Nature who was only doing one of her many jobs. I will not be the least bit surprised if something untoward happens to him more sooner than later, because it’s not a good thing to be swearing at a Mother who can turn quite wicked.

Well of course yours truly couldn’t help but keep watching to see what was going to happen next.  The three others pretty much stood there watching the rain like zombies while he continued twitching, moving, talking, gyrating, pointing, scratching himself, along with just about every other motion you could think of.  My agent and I were pretty convinced he was suffering from the effects of something he’d likely either injected or consumed in a dark alley.

The sad part about sharing what we viewed today is knowing full well it’s going from bad to worse in the central district of our City.  It seemed almost coincidental that a young man was in my office earlier to place a deposit down on a home he and his wife just rented along with being exceptionally thankful they’ll be moving out of their current neighborhood which is west of Wells Fargo Bank and east of Monroe Ave.

While waiting on him he said, “I can’t believe how bad our neighborhood has become since we moved there seven years ago.”  All I could say was, “We have landlords who have very little pride in our community to where they could care less who rents their income producing properties.”

I hope the day will come when we can see beyond the clouded glass window of our community and find the charming community we were all once proud to call our home.  Perhaps Mason City still has the ability to rise out of its ashes like the legendary phoenix.

Joe Chodur

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