Humility and Charity

Humility and CharityFrom early this morning, yours truly was on a near non-stop timetable of appointments an errands.  The appointments went well, and my two public open houses had more visitors than I’d expected.  After thinking about it, the two that were open which was 107 S. Rhode Island, and 2040 Hunters Ridge Drive, are both priced to sell and in great neighborhoods.  I may be sounding overly confident, but I’m looking to have them sold before the end of this week.

Yesterday I was thinking about a past customer of mine whom I run into from time to time, and always seems to get me to smile and laugh when giving his opinion on random topics.  He doesn’t know that I fully understand the struggles he’s having after his recent divorce and now forced to balance shared custody of children.  I give him credit for staying outwardly “up” with his added responsibility along with greater financial burdens now there’s only one another bread winner in the household.  Since I’ve known him for a number of years, I can sense there are inward fears building.

The next time we cross paths, I’ll likely be ready to repeat something my Grandmother used to say which goes:


If you keep your nose to the grindstone rough,

And keep it down there long enough,

In time you will forget there are such things,

As brooks that babble and birds that sing;

And only three things will all your world compose:

Yourself, the grindstone, and your poor old nose.


Those words will be a positive and laughable way to tell him to stop worrying about his new burdens and re-open his hatches to happiness.  I know too well how split families with children can be filled with anxiety and more sooner than later transfer onto their children.  I do wish the best for him while continuing to hope he and his children will be all the better going forward in their lives.

Since I did have some time after my last appointment, I decided to take a long drive to one of my favorite churches in North Iowa.  While driving there I couldn’t help but notice all the more Queen Anne’s Lace and wild parsley in ditches and pastures. There’s no question the green areas of our Counties are becoming over-run by those nasty plants.  Not only are we at battle with European Buckthorn, but now there are two more battle fronts being opened by those invasive plants that don’t belong here.

There was a new minister at my favorite church who gave a thought provoking sermon regarding humility and charity.  He was quick to mention how true humility has no negative connotations, but closer to someone who is willing to serve, teachable, and lowly of heart.

His take on charity was similar to mine in that  true charity has no strings attached and given in a quiet and non-prideful manner.  Just think about how many along with familiar organizations in North Iowa who set themselves out as being charitable, but ever-quick to let everyone know what they’ve really not so freely done because they’re driving attention to themselves and their businesses.  More than once I’ve sent “thank you” notes to be passed on to anonymous donors at area churches and charities.

My drive may have been long, but it was worth being re-introduced to those two nearly forgotten words–humility and charity.  I believe they are words all parents of young children must work at learning, understanding, and sharing within their households.

Joe Chodur

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