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Games of NumbersCertainly you all must agree that it was an absolutely beautiful day in North Iowa. There were likely a few who considered the north wind being a bit too cool and breezy, but for me, it was near perfect to the point of considering our City to be the last northern outpost of paradise.

While driving to work this morning, I looked up at the western sky and noticed the near full moon still visible.  It made me think of a comment one of my customers made recently about how much he likes being outdoors at night during the time of the full moon.  If the location is right, being outside and looking up at a full moon can be hauntingly beautiful.  According to some in law enforcement, as well as those working at all night convenience stores, the public seem to be all that much more intense.

My early morning took me to Clear Lake to show a home to a customer who’s been looking for months now for what he considers to be the “right fit”.  Since I’ve shown him so many, I’m pretty much up to speed regarding what type of home the right fit will be.  He’s never far from my thoughts whenever I see a new listing come on the market.  Hopefully there’ll be more continuity in the pricing of homes when Fall arrives, because as far as I’m concerned, the prices have been all over the map since Winter ended.

Every morning I brace myself before I open up the online news in fear one more crazy thing having happened in our world–especially if it concerns North Korea or Russia. The more I look at the whole picture of our world’s current events, I’m seeing democracy falling more out of fashion and dictatorships along with totalitarian regimes becoming more widespread.  Even in Europe we’re seeing more right-wing movements in Poland and Hungary to where they’re being scrutinized by their “sister” States in the EU.

While on a short lunch break yesterday, I happened to read a chilling article about how many of our younger professionals and semi-professions are leaning towards scary alt-right wing mentalities.  Some think it’s laughable, but I don’t because if we allow the number “alt” mentalities continue to grow on both sides of the spectrum, the moderates won’t have enough votes to keep them under control.  It’s too scary to even consider what end results we could possibly be seeing in a future that’s in spitting range.

Just these past six months, I’ve been getting some phone calls from local numbers, and when I answer, it’s usually a woman saying something like, “Hi. This is Melanie from the rewards center…”.  Of course I hang up after a second or two.  But then just yesterday, an elderly lady called my office saying, “I just received a call from your number.  What did you want?”  I couldn’t help but say and I’m sure she didn’t believe me, “I’m sorry I didn’t call you.”  But what creeped me out all the more was late this afternoon when getting a call from a landline number I recognized and when I picked up, it was another “Melanie” telemarketer.

There’s no question in my mind the computers are getting far too sophisticated to where somehow, they’re piggy-backing on real numbers when calling.  These games of numbers the spammers and telemarketers are using is getting far too out of hand to where it’s high time the FTC steps in and puts a complete halt to their practices.  Can you imagine how many of our innocent elderly are getting duped by their calls?

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