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All the More Incentive-1As we’re marching into the month of August, I’m already finding people subtly preparing for the arrival of our yearly time of cold and darkness.  I’ve been hearing a few whispers from some regarding what they’re going to be doing next summer.  Wow!  I understand looking towards the future, but wouldn’t it to be all the more in one’s best interest to enjoy each day to its absolute fullest?  Yes I do understand, because at certain times of the day recently, the angle of the sunlight appears more Fallish.

You do remember just recently my speaking about choosing to not enter a drive-thru and subsequently stopping it because my experiment was over?  Today I entered the drive-thru at a bank and I could see the familiar teller being a bit different than she normally would be while doing my walk-in visit.  I was waiting for her to say something like, “So you don’t like walking in to see us anymore?”  I’m sure she had her own thoughts as to why I suddenly started entering the “cattle stalls” again.

Not being completely healed from my fifteen flea bites from over a week ago, I did some investigating on my own and found the reason I had such bit welts appear, is that I’m allergic to flea saliva which those devils pump in to human’s skin to keep their host’s blood from coagulating.   Without doing anymore research, I’m convinced it’s also a genetic pre-disposition that gets passed on by parents to their children.  I know for a fact that some of my siblings along along with other blood relatives have similar allergic reactions to those high-jumping vampires.  It was another great lesson of mine to be learned over these past 10 days.

The market seems to be still cranking along for my office.  I personally sold a home over the weekend and now showing prospective customers homes in yet another price range.  As far as I’m concerned, Holtz Realty has some very nice value-priced homes for sale at the time, and I’m doing everything I can to get them sold more sooner than later.

We’ve recently been finding a few more financially weak buyers in our market who are trying to get homes purchased without visiting with a bank or two and obtaining letters of credit pre-approvals. It’s very frustrating for us Realtors along with the sellers, and certainly those buyers who in the end, find they can’t afford to buy the homes they’ve decided to purchase.  There’s too much easy credit out there and not enough counseling.  When are people going to learn that debt doesn’t go away as easy as it’s obtained?

One of the customers I’ve been working with lately intimated to me that he has absolutely no debt.  How many people do you know who has their home paid off, their vehicles paid off, and no revolving credit?  I said to him, “You should be a case study for credit counselors, and set out as a role model for our younger generation who seem to want everything now.”

What struck me as being different with him is that he wasn’t proud about being debt free, but simply comfortable with his achievement.  “Good job!” I exclaimed while patting him on the back.  As a footnote, he’s causally looking for a 2nd home.   And remember, don’t ever hesitate to compliment someone for doing a noticeably good job because it gives them all the more incentive.

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