Third and Final Notice

Third and Final NoticeFor sure today was a wild ride in real estate due to the tight time frames in which I was confined so to make every pre-scheduled appointment.  I usually arrive at the office early, but was forced to get there even earlier because there were a number of documents I had to get prepared and emailed out.  Fifteen minutes before I was to be at my first showing at 8:00 a.m., all the docs were completed and emailed out to the parties.  Now that was a close call because there wouldn’t have been no time to get back to them until after my second public open house, and by then it would’ve been too late.

Many times over the years whenever encountering someone stressing over timelines or deadlines I would say, “Just go sit a spell, and in your mind, walk yourself thru the whole project that’s facing you, and if your focus is clear enough, you’ll be able to turn yourself into a bit of an automaton and get it finished quickly, quietly and seamlessly.”  Sometimes it’s worked for them, and others not.

For many years I’ve known that being halfway finished with a job, is just after it’s been started.  I look around our City and see far too many houses that are screaming to be maintained, but I rarely if ever see anyone outside even making an attempt.  The occupants are likely inside with their noses in front of their TVs or smart phones, slurping cheap beer before 11:00 a.m., and intermittently complaining about all the work they’ve got to get done, and how the world has dealt them such a cruel hand of poker.

Every time I see someone drinking giggle water before Noon I think of my witty grandmother whimsically saying, “If you drink before 11:00 you’ll never get to heaven.”  Speaking of her now, it was just this week I found myself on the subject of her witty remarks while sharing but a small handful of them with one of my customers.  He was making me laugh when listening to his belly laughs.  I finally had to stop because he was turning overly red after I began cracking terribly witty, yet wicked jokes about a man whom we both know who’s been excessively promiscuous for a great many years.   Yes it was my fault for getting him started, but it was also a bit his for egging me on with his genuine laughter.

At least I’m not like some people who’re just downright mean-spirited when looking for an audience.  Just today I said to a customer, “The subject matter of conversations are crossing borders that wouldn’t have never even been discussed behind closed doors and shuttered windows when I was young.”  So much for the direction our world is taking.

At this time I’m happy to announce I managed to find a home for the retirees who’ll be relocating here from the West Coast.  They’re exceptionally happy which makes me all the happier.  Their flight back is tomorrow morning, and as we parted company I said, “Tell friends and bring relatives to our City!”

The above photo is one I took of the back side of a postcard someone living in North Iowa mailed to an older client of mine.  I’ve blocked out my client’s address as well as the number she was to call.  There’s no question in my mind there are growing numbers of people out there that are attempting to prey on the unwary and far too trusting elderly.  I’d like to get in the faces of those people and say, “Why don’t you go and get a real job and honestly earn your keep!”  What made my client laugh the most was the caption, “Third and final notice!” Seems they’re thinking of every kind of ruse to get our elderly to be taken hook, line and sinker which sickens me.

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