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323 6th St. NW-13With it now being the third day of dealing with my 15 flea bites, I’m all the more determined to stay as far from fleas as possible, but no farther.  Calamine lotion has been the best remedy against the itching as well as keeping the inflammation down, but since those bites are on my legs and having to wear long slacks, as soon as the lotion gets rubbed of by the fabric, they’re back to itching again.  I’m still in disbelief how people with dogs and cats can leave them untreated and in likely such miserable states.

During a conversation with my aunt this morning, I nearly brought up the subject of my flea bites, but then decided against it because she would’ve expanded it manyfold by bringing up the times she was nearly driven mad by flea bites she received a handful of times.  I know I’m sensitive to them, but her sensitivities are off the charts to where if she’s been bitten more than a few times, it becomes an emergency room visit for a shot to help counteract the physical effects of those bites.  It’s always interesting how certain sensitivities run in families to where there’s a hard-coded genetic pre-disposition.

I’ll never ever forget the time I had to do an inspection of a rickety old house a tenant moved out of that was part of an estate.  When I walked in only a day or two after the tenants moved out, there was what I thought to be clouds of gnats around the windows, but quickly discovered they were jumping fleas. I flew out of that house faster than greased lightening.  Of course I had them on me and in my car, so I drove straight home and stripped in my garage and put those flea soaked clothes in plastic bags.  I sprayed my car as much as I could, but still had to have an exterminator treat it.  It’s not a fun happening to have when finding a flea on your shirt sleeve or feeling one in your hair while driving.  It’s more of a dangerous driving distraction than I care to experience.

We’re starting to get inquiries from the general public on Prairie Place on 1st now that all the information and photos have been placed online.  I gave a tour of it today to a Realtor who’ll be showing it tomorrow.  She was glad I did take the time to give her a preview because she’s now more comfortable with the units.  I was happy to hear her mention that they reminded her of the condos at The Garden’s in Clear Lake but far better built as well as being noticeably bigger.  It would be great to get some Clear Lake resident buyers as well.

We’ve also be getting more inquiries on 323 – 6th St. NW which is as far as I’m concerned, the best three bedroom home for the money.  The owner who’s about as meticulous as one would ever imagine, performed a near miracle with its restoration  and upgrades.  Whenever I’ve shown it, every buyer has marveled at the quality and beauty within.  I’m confident there’ll be a very discriminating buyer who’ll see it and want it.  What I appreciate about buyers like them, is that they know quality and able to recognize the work of a master craftsman.  In these times, I’ve discovered they’re a dying breed.  The above photo is but one of its interior shots.

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