Over a Hundred Years

Over a Hundred Years-1As I was walking out of a home today after the owners’ gave me the full tour, I happily informed them what I believed it would sell for, as well as how quickly it’ll go under contract.  It’s going to be listed in our popular mid-range, and offers nearly everything the average buyer is looking for, as well as being in a popular location.  Hopefully I’ll have it on the market the first of next week.

Another two hours was spent today going over contracts with a seller who’s going to hire me next week to market some real estate he owns.  It’s always good to be as familiar as possible with a given property so I can be fully prepared to intelligently answer any buyer questions.  I believe the key to selling a home is being fully up to speed with its components.  We must remember, every home is special and oft time holds secrets the average person wouldn’t know without taking the time to investigate.

Without having a clue we were going to have a rain storm today, I was out previewing another home and just happened to notice the seller had his television on and they were showing a storm map.  I looked for a moment and asked, “Are we supposed to get a storm?”  “Yes we are.” he replied.  “And it’s supposed to start in about five minutes.”  Oh Mercy!  It wasn’t even five minutes when all hell broke loose.  I looked out to my car and noticed I had my windows cracked.  I knew the seats would be wet when seeing how the wind was creating a hard and driving rain.

While on my way back to the office I noticed the streets were still running deep with water and lots of leaves and small branches scattered about.  Off in the distance I could see some major lightening striking straight down and even more than once.  I was all the more creeped out when I noticed one bolt going straight down and continued another two more times.  Now that is something I’ve never seen.  I can’t imagine what it must’ve hit and how much damage was done.

The farther I drove westward in the City, the more wind damage I was seeing.  Big branches, small trees, twisted limbs still hanging from trees, and lots of leaves and twigs on the streets.  In near disbelief, I drove past a what was once a giant walnut tree that had to be over 100 years old lying flat on the ground with its roots pointing upward.  Now that was scary!

Even all the creepier was having just yesterday talked to a client about how these winds we’ve been getting these past five years are nothing like I’ve ever seen before.  Now after today, we’ve had three major damaging wind storms since Spring arrived.  If anyone says these are normal occurrences for North Iowa, I’d have to say they’re in complete denial.  After seeing that strong and healthy walnut tree of over a hundred years being toppled, I’m fully convinced we’re in uncharted waters with our current weather patterns.

Joe Chodur

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