7.17.17It came as no surprise that today was exceptionally busy for me.  Seems every time a weekend is more quiet, the following Monday is a floodgate of phone calls and appointments.  Of course I was happy to get everything accomplished along with some first of the month bookkeeping that had been neglected for over a week.  Thank goodness there were no mistakes in entries so I could move thru it more quickly.

One of my meetings today was with a client who’s beside himself over the amount of enabling he’s done for several of his children, and now when he needs help, they offer none.  I’ve heard versions of his story multiple times with other clients and customers over the years.  There must be far more loving and giving people out there than me when hearing how some parents let their children run right over them.  When he told me that he’s providing free housing for them and they don’t even take care of their homes, I was thinking to myself,  “That would be a cold day I’d allow such to happen.”

All I could do was share some ideas as to what can be done to either get them on track or get them out of the house.  After sharing my take on the whole situation, I think he’s now prepared to move forward with a “tough love” plan of action.  He called back later and told me the calls had been made and he’s going to stick to his guns.  Before he hung up, I reminded him of one of my favorite sayings and that is, “No good deed goes unpunished.”  He laughed and said, “Well, my punishment is about to come to an end.”

It looks like this is going to be my week of “first encounters” considering the number of people wanting me to go out and give them a value on their homes because they’re thinking of selling.  Late this afternoon I’d already visited one very nice home that should sell relatively quickly should they decide to list it.  It may be a while before I can find something that’ll meet their needs, but at least they have an idea what theirs will sell for which will give them a ball park price range in which they can start looking.  Since I’d worked with them before, I was reminded again how absolutely charming they are.

Whenever the occasion arises where I’m working with nice people, I nearly always walk away thinking, “Now why can’t everyone be as nice and drama-free as they are?”  It causes one to wonder if it’s genetic or a learned behavior, or possibly even a mental flaw.  As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t take anymore time or effort to be kind than it does to be mean-spirited.  I personally believe many of those who treat others with disdain, actually way deep down feel the same way about themselves to where their interactions with others is just the reflection they see in the “mirror” of themselves.

Since today’s date is another one of those interesting plays on numbers with it being 7.17.17, I thought there’d be something memorable happening, but it looks like not, except if a buyer purchases a home I just showed on this evening of 7.17.17.

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