Crossing the Border

Crossing the BorderToday wasn’t what I considered to be very pleasant while outside.  Once the temperatures climbed over 90 degrees, I decided to bulk up as many of my duties and appointments out of doors into one long outing.  I figured I would get most of them completed all at once so not to have the endless in and out agonies from cool to hot.  It worked pretty well until I had to be outside in the full sun while waiting for a tardy customer to arrive at a property. It’s interesting how some people seem to work at being late and make no excuses for it.

Later this morning I decided to barricade myself in a quiet windowless and phone-less room for about 2+ hours so I could fully focus on a stack of legal documents I’d been asked to read, review, and make notations.  So much for me not shutting my cell phone off.  I was forced to reply to about 4 texts and 2 phone calls which of course caused me to re-read several pages.

It certainly must be a learned behavior for some lawyers when able to read and understand something while their jabbering customers are seated on the other side of their desks.  I think most of them haven’t got themselves fully up to full speed because oft times I’ve heard them say, “I’ll review these papers more closely and get back to you.”  I’ve grown so used to filling out standard real estate forms while others are talking, merely because their contents have become mentally hard coded.

Someone stopped by my office today whom I haven’t seen in a great many years looking for some direction with a problem neighbor.   I normally hear the front door even when in the back, but he must’ve come in while I was washing my hands at the lavatory.  As I came around the corner, I was shocked seeing someone standing there.  All he said was, “You likely don’t remember me, and you sure haven’t changed much.”  So what do you say to someone after you haven’t seen or heard from for likely 25 years?  After about 20 minutes of question and answer, I gave him as much direction as I could so at least his visit wasn’t in vain.

While driving to my next appointment, I began thinking of all the mean-spirited problems neighbors have created for some of my clients over the years.  Just sharing a few, I remember a neighbor starting up an old vehicle that had a loud engine which spewed smokey exhaust every time I was showing my client’s home.  Another was a Paul Bunyan wanna be who went out and cut numerous cords of wood and stacked them near the property line of a home I had for sale just so to keep the poor seller from selling his home.  And lastly, there was devilish neighbor who owned several big and mean spirited and growling pit bulls he’d leave out in his fenced backyard whenever someone was showing his neighbor’s home.  Yes, they all did get sold, but it took much longer, and unfortunately selling for far less than they should have due to their hateful neighbors.  I did tell one of them,  “Just remember, karma is a “@itch” and it will come back to visit you threefold!”

While I was inspecting a home out on our City’s edge this afternoon, I spotted a wild turkey hen just beyond a mow line.  I went and grabbed my camera and managed to get the above shot of it.  It looked like it was timidly crossing the border between her world and humanity’s.

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