Catching the Currents

Catching the Currents-1It looks like we’re in for a few days of heat and humidity.  Being out and about more than normal today, I could tell the temps were starting to rise.  I don’t think it bothers the people who’re all the time out in it, because their bodies have grown accustomed, but those who’re in air conditioned offices all day, get hit the hardest upon leaving work.

Most don’t realize the hours between three and five are when it’s the hottest.  I think that’s why some countries have their siestas in the afternoon so to get away from being out in it.  In the old days, farmers did all they could to get their field work done as early in the morning as possible so to avoid being out on machinery in the scorching heat.  There’ve been many tales told in the past of field workers suffering from heat stroke, so do be careful when the temps and heat indexes start rising.

Since it wasn’t so hot earlier this morning, I decided to walk to several of my Downtown appointments.  It may sound like I’m being overly picky, but this is the first year since the Streetscape Project was completed that I’ve been noticing a steep decline in the maintenance of the green areas in our Historic District.  Those who’ve been assigned to take care of them this year appear to be ignorant to what is a weed or rogue tree versus what’s to be left growing.

There are volunteer trees, various weeds, and quack grass growing proud and strong.  I think the caretakers must think it’s the ornamental grass that was planted in some areas.  I’ve been more watchful of the green area outside my office’s front door of my simply because I don’t like seeing what’s not supposed to be growing there.  Perhaps if a few more of the business owners would take it upon themselves to tend the areas outside their buildings, the problem would be solved without asking the City to get them back in shape.

Either the architect or subcontractor who chose the pavers which were installed less than five years ago, should be severely reprimanded or possibly even called to repair/replace all the broken, cracked, and disintegrating bricks in the Downtown sidewalks.  When I was watching Country Landscapes install them I thought, “Those pavers look far too porous to withstand extreme weather and heavy traffic.”  Well, it looks like I was right, and to top it off, one can tell just by walking up and down the sidewalks who was using ice melt during the winter and who wasn’t.  If they continue cracking and breaking, we’ll be looking at some real trip hazards more sooner than later.

As chance would have it, I had a great opportunity to snap the above photo of one of our seasonal avian residents while in flight.  I’ve always admired turkey vultures even though some give them an unwarranted bad rap.  They don’t go out and kill other animals.  Instead, they’re nothing more than our favorite carrion clean-up crew.  We often see them while catching the currents as they’re gradually following the scent of decaying flesh.  Their keen sense of smell is off the charts.

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