Keep us Grounded

Keep us GroundedHaving not watched the weather forecast for today, I was taken by surprise by the thunderstorm late this afternoon.  Now I understand why the farmers were hard at it in their fields yesterday.  Many of them now subscribe to more accurate and in-depth weather reporting.

Nearly my entire day was spent arranging showings for agents along with working on sales files that are coming up to close.  With the new banking regulations in effect, there is a greater time sensitivity with files.  Whenever there’s a road block or hiccup, it makes me all the more nervous about getting a sale to close on time.  There’s just one more document I need for a closing on Friday and when received, I’ll be fully prepared.

After reading the online news early this morning about the atrocities that have taken place in the Syrian prisons as well as all those innocent men, women, and children who’ve been brutalized and oft times later killed, makes me exceptionally angered by how in these times, barbarism continues to flourish.  Most don’t realize how it’ll likely take generations for the survivors of those families to fully recover and be able to lead normal lives.

We Americans have many things to be thankful for–especially not having to live under a totalitarian regime.  Just try to imagine yourselves living in Syria, North Korea, China, Russia, and all the other countries that have little or no respect for the lives of those who simply have differences of opinions and religion.  Whenever I read those bald-faced lies the world’s dictators have to say about how great and wonderful their countries are, I can imagine what their citizens must be thinking when reading and listening to such trash. It’s all about control thru fear.  They’re all bloated bullies wanting all the more power and control.

Yesterday I checked on the geraniums I planted several weeks ago which I had hanging upside-down in the basement all winter.  They are alive and now starting to send out shoots of greenery.  I have a feeling they’re going to be blooming profusely once they’ve established themselves.  I’ve discovered that older geraniums tend to blossom more as well as continuing at it for longer periods of time.

I made a quick stop at a grocery store this afternoon and happened to run into a woman I’d not seen in some time.  I’ve known her for a number of years so we found ourselves standing there visiting far longer than either one of us expected.  It’s always good to stay connected with wholesome like-minded people–it truly helps to keep us grounded.

The above photo is one I took of tonight’s sky.  I do hope we don’t get anymore rain. My cellphone alerted me there’s flash flood warnings in our area until midnight.  Stay safe.

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